Born and raised in a suburb of Buffalo, NY, Vanessa moved to the Bronx, NY after college, where she met her husband and gradually migrated north together. Now they reside in Newtown, CT with their three children; two sons (2013 & 2019), a daughter (2016), and two dogs - Gracie (2022 lab mix) and Penny (2022 pitbull mix), and Bella (a 14-year-old Persian cat). By day she's a school administrator; by morning/night, she's a taxi for her kids' activities. In her "free time," she enjoys being in her pool or hiking with her family, listening to 80s/90s hip-hop, watching the Bills game, and sharing sarcastic mom memes with friends. You can follow @resiliencethrougheducation for more!
Children completing their homework.

Starting the Year off Right With Homework and Study Skills

I can’t believe we are getting back into gear for school! As a type-A personality, I love planners, colored pens, Post-its, and various organizational systems. My kids do not share these passions. As a middle...
A team huddle for lacrosse players.

Summer Sports Life

I look forward to summer because the days are longer, so I have more time with my family after work before bedtime. Ideally, I swim in the pool and hang out on the deck...
Buffalo wings.

Best Wings in and Around Fairfield County

Chicken wings were invented by mistake in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. This is Buffalo’s claim to fame, along with the infamous snow each winter and our sports teams’ inability...
A family on a hike.

Family-Friendly Hiking Trails in Fairfield County

During the COVID lockdown, my family increased our hiking expeditions significantly and discovered so many great trails! While we can’t hike as often as we did then, we still love discovering new trails and...
A woman upset holding a pregnancy test.

The Importance of Speaking One’s Truth With Infertility

We were surprised I got pregnant so quickly with our first child since I had shared with my husband that I was told as a young teen that I might not be able to...
Three children looking out on a lake.

Meet Vanessa: Hot Mess Express

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Momma, aka Mom, Mommy, occasionally “bro,” and legally, Vanessa. I affectionately refer to myself as the “hot mess express” due to the chaotic nature of my...