Troop Beverly Hills 2.0


I honestly never thought that out of all my kids, my daughter would be the one to get involved in scouts. My oldest son is all about living on the land, survival strategies, and being in the woods. On the other hand, my daughter gradually transitioned from playing with her mud kitchen in the yard and scaling trees to fashion, dolls, and jewelry. She also asked to join the Girl Scout troop at her school at the end of kindergarten. 

Our troop is the perfect fit for us. The girls are learning important skills in all areas of life through creative, engaging experiences. 

Our cookie-selling season just ended, and we beat our previous year’s sales with just our online and pre-orders! Our scouts were eager to use their customer service, entrepreneurial, and math skills at the cookie booths we attended, and their confidence impressed us all. 

Our town has a Girl Scout Facebook group for troops to share their activities and ideas to earn badges and support one another, a great resource. I’m pretty sure our troop has never been featured in the group, and it might be because our troop prefers somewhat different activities than the stereotypical “scout” adventures.

It’s easy to feel inadequate when scrolling through social media, especially when seeing the number of patches a troop has earned or the number of activities they’ve done together.

We are happily the most low-key Girl Scout troop and are 100% okay with that. For example, last month, we attended an Alice in Wonderland tea party at the new princess boutique in town. The girls had a blast wearing silk robes while getting their hair and nails done, making crafts, and posing for photos. There’s a patch for that…right? 

As the moms chatted, agreement was quickly found with being a low-key troop. The girls have monthly meetings after school run by our fearless troop leader. We participate in big-town activities such as the cookie rally and bridging ceremony, and other troop social activities. We embrace this identity wholeheartedly. 

At our princess party experience, the moms and I reminisced about watching Troop Beverly Hills as kids and how much our girls aligned with that troop identity. We nicknamed ourselves “Troop Beverly Hills 2.0.” It’s the perfect fit!

Our scouts have sass, confidence, and camaraderie and are learning to navigate real-world problems while building social skills. Our troop has a state wrestling champion, pianist, dancers, cheerleaders, artists, and athletes. Welcome to the new era of Girl Scouts – Troop Beverly Hills 2.0! 


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