Be Resolute: Some Words of Wisdom


A Stronger Me: Two Years and Counting

Fun fact: I was welcomed onto the FCMB contributor team on New Year’s Eve 2016. A few weeks earlier, I completed the brief questionnaire and writing sample with a swirl of emotions. I was doing it as a personal challenge; a type of resolution for the upcoming year. The year I would be turning 35. I’d always fantasized about being a writer, and yet, I always made excuses about why I couldn’t be a writer. So when I saw the call for new contributors in a Facebook post, I took it as a sign. If I was chosen, great. If I wasn’t, oh well. Thankfully, Michelle called to ask if I’d like to join the team.

Initially, I joined to push myself out of my comfort zone. To cultivate a part of my identity that I had tucked away. To start accomplishing a goal I had previously viewed as an unattainable dream.

Joining this team has made me realize the distinction between resolutions and being resolute. Being resolute is an active process that takes strength, dedication, and passion. It is the fire inside you, spurring you onward. Resolutions are goals you set and hope to fulfill. They can be easily cast aside and treated as tasks. The best resolutions are those that make you become a more resolute individual.

A Stronger Us: Our Words to Live By This Year

I joined a team of resolute mothers. Behind the scenes in our contributor group, we share post ideas on a weekly basis. As 2019 began, Stephanie encouraged us to keep building our resolve by centering our growth around a focus word. Feeling inspired and invigorated, several of us shared our words. 

Serenity: The word implies not always being happy with your circumstances, but having the ability to accept them for what they are and move on. (Stefanie

Be Present: It is so easy to get distracted… And we are pulled in so many directions! I want to try to be more present in the moment with my children, husband, family, and friends! (Elisabeth

Motivate: I always start off the new year with resolutions, but soon enough, I start to slack. I want to be motivated this year to set out and actually accomplish all of my goals. Whether it’s at work, at home, for me or for my kids. I need to motivate myself this year – I’m the only one who really can! (Jessica

Forward: 2018, and now the beginning of 2019, have been hard for our family. I find myself depressed about the past when things were easier: the kids when they were smaller, when work was more lucrative and fulfilling, times of less stress, more sleep, and less illness. And then I wallow and stagnate instead of putting trust in the fact that life is a moving process, has ups and downs, and all we can do is move forward. (Hilary)

Calm: I want to be calm through more patience and gentleness with those around me and with myself. I don’t want to be bothered by little things, and I want to show my daughters not to let the little things bother them. I want to be more patient and gentle in my parenting, and give myself patience, as well. (Aarika

Focus on being calm in stressful situations. Calm down thoughts before they become frenetic. Speak and listen calmly. Expand repertoire of calming activities, and make time for one everyday. Savor calm moments. (Maria F.)

Intentional – Too much of my life is lived from habit and a significant number of choices are just made. Living intentionally takes thought and planning. I am going to try to make my choices with purpose. (Nikki)

Joy: I want to stop trying to do it all and pick and choose the things that really bring joy into my life. (Michelle)

Persevere: Or if two words, “power through.” This is our family motto as our son faces some difficult medical challenges. (Lisa)

I always keep going. I am the definition of this word and I want to remind myself of that. (Stephanie)

Flourish: I want to hold this word close to me this year to remind myself I need to treat myself as delicately as I would my kids and yet continue to grow. (Maria S.)

Live: I want to live more this year. Life is what you make it. The stress will always be there. This year I hope to continue to make time for myself by traveling more, and following my dreams. (Brandi)

Reset: It’s never too late to change the way my day is going. Whenever I feel myself getting stressed, crabby, or worked up, I’m giving myself permission to hit reset and to start over. (Kate S.

Motherhood, in itself, requires a great deal of resolve. Yet, motherhood is just one part of our identity. Whether or not you have a word in mind for 2019, we wish you strength in becoming more resolute this year. 

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Maria F
Maria F. is a high school English teacher who naturally finds herself reflecting upon the routine and randomness that accompany each day as a working mommy. She relies upon humor and some sort of chocolate or frozen treat as survival tactics. She and her husband live in East Norwalk with their three kids, Abbie (2012), Charlie (2014), and Phoebe (2018). You can find Maria F. driving in her beloved dream car, a minivan, listening to audiobooks during her commute, or playing DJ and climate controller when she’s shuttling her kids around town. Forever a sorority girl and Ohio State Buckeye, she will (almost) always choose socializing over chilling on the couch.


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