Car Essentials For Every Mom

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splash car washYou don’t know panic until you are driving down the street, and your toddler manages to get their sippy cup open and spills it in their car seat. #Momlife means messes and other surprises are inevitable. But if you plan ahead, it can make life’s little messes a little easier to handle.

As a mom, you probably spend a lot of time in the car. Depending on the age of your kids, you have a carpool, play dates, soccer practice, doctor appointments – the list goes on. This is why we built the ultimate car essentials list.

Whether you are gearing up for a day of errands or a road trip to Grandma’s, this list has something for everyone.

1. Cleaning Supplies! Remember that juice spill I mentioned before? You are going to want paper towels and wipes for that one. Our recommended cleaning supplies include paper towels, Wet Ones (or another wipe you love), and even a stain remover pen/wipes. You will also want a few plastic bags for the garbage.

2. Snacks & Water. “Mommy, I’m hungry!” Does anyone else hear this at the most inopportune times? This is why I keep a ‘Hangry Prevention Kit’ in my car. This includes a few snack bars, fruit pouches, and extra water (BPA free bottles, of course!). This kit can change per season because you don’t want any foods that will melt or spoil in the heat!

3. First Aid Kit. I’d rather be safe than sorry with this one. You never know when you will need a bandaid! That’s why they call them accidents, right?

4. Extra Clothes. It wasn’t until my 3-year-old had an accident that I realized how important this one is. As the kids get older, we don’t carry around a diaper bag anymore. So sometimes we forget things like this. And when it comes to the older kids, no matter how many times you tell them to grab a sweatshirt, they are likely to forget a time or two.

5. Extra Games/Toys. Parents of youngsters – if you haven’t lived the Water Wow life, you have to! I always have these in the car to keep them busy when errands get tedious for the older kids – a book or magazine, coloring books, or notebooks for doodling.

6. Extra Phone Charger. Nothing makes me more nervous than having a dead phone while driving the kids around.

7. Hand Sanitizer. During cold and flu season, this is a must. But also handy for those times they touch the dreaded mystery item at the playground.

Last but not least:

8. Your Reusable Shopping Bags! If you are like me, I have 3245 but always forget them! Leave a bunch in your car – this way, if you do forget to replenish what you used – you will still have 1 or 2. These are also great for doing a garbage/dirty clothes dump when you get home and bringing everything inside.

At Splash, we believe it’s not only important to take care of your car but those inside it! We are always looking for ways to help give you a clean car and a happy life. #cleancarhappylife

Come see us at one of our 19 locations. We have you covered from exterior and interior washes, detailing and oil changes! Also, don’t forget we have a disinfectant service that kills 99.9% of germs!


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