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A backyard oasis

Making Your Fairfield County Home an Outdoor Oasis

Summer is in full swing, and now is the time to fully enjoy your home's outdoor spaces. The outdoor oasis you create for yourself...

Swim Lessons Save Lives

Goldfish Swim School’s core focus is teaching children how to swim and be safe in and around the water by providing them with encouragement,...

It’s Going to Be a Summer of Learning and Hard Work

I can’t believe we’ve finally reached the age when my children are asking for iPads. We homeschool our kids, and we see the educational...

Having Kids Slows Us Down, But Maybe That’s the Point

It often feels like there are too many things to get done in a day and not enough time. We can live like life...

A Travel Sports Mom’s Guide to Essential Gear

As a travel sports mom, I’ve experienced blazing sun, torrential rain, and freezing winds while cheering my kids on from the sidelines. Over the...
The exterior of a home.

Your Home’s First Impression Matters

Taking care of your home not only improves your love for where you live, but it also improves its value. The first impression your...

In Our Construction Era

Our family is in our construction era. Ten years ago, we moved into our 3-bedroom ranch, knowing we would eventually outgrow it, and we...

Kids’ Book Series for Summer Reading

Fostering a love of reading is important to me as a teacher and mom. I want my kids to enjoy a good book and...

Let’s Get Better at Being Uncomfortable

One thing I noticed with parents and kids is we’re losing the ability to be uncomfortable. A message that challenges you and makes you...
Organizing a recipe collection.

Recipe Collection Makeover

I'm not afraid to admit that my recipe collection was a disaster. There were some handwritten small cards that used to belong in a...