Cheers to All the Husbands


A wife hugging her husband.We all have people we hold strong admiration and appreciation for in our lives. Today, I take the time to raise a glass to all the husbands and show gratitude on Husband Appreciation Day!

In the past, husbands have been known to be “the breadwinners.” But as time has evolved and roles have changed in the home, they are more than just that. Many of them now wear many “hats,” as I like to refer to. 

One person in my life that deserves to get recognized is my husband. He is the pillar of our family. He has built a foundation of support, love, and a warm home. I rarely take time out to celebrate him. But today, I am making sure he feels special. 

Ways to make him feel appreciated:

  • Plan a romantic evening (once the kiddos go to bed).
  • Gift a unique bottle of whiskey (or beverage of choice).
  • Give concert tickets.
  • Organize a night out with the guys.
  • Find some neat sports memorabilia.

Only you know your husband the best! You will know the best way to celebrate him today! 

Let’s face it; our husbands need a big shout-out from time to time. They play a significant role in many of our families. 

He may not think he is anything special, and maybe to others, he isn’t. But he is the backbone of our family. His role may be more “behind the scene” during the day while at work. I know the numerous hours he works each week takes a toll on him. But it does not go overlooked.

I know I do more around the house on a day-to-day basis. But, I would not be able to manage without his help. We each have a role in maintaining the household. 

Appreciating the small things he does.

  • Getting up early to pack the lunches for the kids.
  • Helping with cooking dinner or dishes.
  • Changing light bulbs or a smoke detector battery at 2 in the morning.
  • Emptying the dishwasher and folding laundry.
  • Changing dirty diapers.
  • Running the kids to sports and activities.
  • Taking the garbage out.

We all see different attributes in our husbands. This is important as it makes each of our husbands unique to us. Each of our husbands supports us differently and fulfills our hearts and home. 

Spouses work more as a team and share responsibilities. It is not just the wife taking care of the home anymore. Men are working from home more and are taking on more “household” responsibilities. 

We may not always see eye to eye on things, and we have different ways of parenting. I still fully appreciate the husband he is and the support he provides our family. 

Let’s raise a glass and cheers to celebrate each of our husbands on Husband Appreciation Day!


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