Meet Kierra: Encouragement for Supporting Kids with Unique Needs


Kierra and her children.Hello, Fairfield County Moms!

I’m Kierra Edwards, born in New Haven and now proudly calling Bridgeport my home. I’m not just a mom, but a mom of two incredible children, aged 3 and 7. Beyond the joys of motherhood, I’ve embarked on a new journey as a business owner, offering residential and commercial cleaning services with a special focus. My services are tailored to families with unique health concerns like ADHD, asthma, allergies, and more. I believe in the power of chemical-free products to create a safer environment for our little ones.

My passion doesn’t stop there. I find immense joy in spending quality time with my children and giving back to my community. This drive led me to become a community health worker, a role where I strive to bridge the gap between health professionals and our wonderful community.

As we transition back to school for the new school year, I want to share a word of encouragement and five quick steps to stay connected with your children, especially if they have unique needs.

1. Remember that your unique child has unique gifts and needs. Embrace their individuality and nurture their strengths.

2. Find strength in your journey, and don’t be afraid to seek support when needed. You’re not alone in this.

3. Cherish every moment with your children. Celebrate their milestones, no matter how small they may seem.

4. Patience is key. Understand that progress may be gradual, but every step forward is a victory.

5. Love is the greatest motivator. Your love and support will empower your child to overcome any challenge.

Now, I’d like to leave you with a question: how do you show encouragement to your unique needs child on a daily basis? Please share your thoughts and experiences with our community. Together, we can inspire and support one another on this beautiful journey of motherhood.

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Kierra Edwards
Kierra is a devoted mom of two children (ages 3 and 7) residing in Bridgeport, CT. Originally from New Haven, CT, she earned her community health worker certification from Housatonic Community College in 2019. Kierra is pursuing a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in special education from Liberty University online. Alongside her studies, She recently established K&A Cleaning Services, a cleaning business specializing in families and children with special needs. Her services ensure cleanliness and promote improved air quality and a safe environment. Her passion for family, friends, and church is evident, and she finds joy in spending time with her elderly grandmother in a nursing home. Kierra's warm smile, hospitality, and encouraging words reflect her love for making people laugh and supporting them. She also serves on the Malta House board, exemplifying her dedication to helping others. Above all, Kierra strives to set a positive example for her children while continually aiding those around her.



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