Focus on Self-Love



What really matters? 

When you think of self-love or self-care does this equate to spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on make-up and skincare products? Perhaps you are now scouring the world-wide-web to find out what makes wrinkles disappear or how to instantly and flawlessly cover up some grays that may be showing. (Shoutout to the cosmetic experts and the hairstylists, you surely are appreciated now). 

The world is trying to figure out how to continue in these crazy times, while the struggle of fitting in and being judged remains. How sad is that? I see individuals making fun of how much weight they will gain once quarantine is over, or whether they will have that summer body because they continue to work out so hard. 

So let’s focus on caring for ourselves no matter how small that particular action may seem. Here are a few things we can do:

  • Enjoy a cup of tea/coffee
  • Find 15 minutes of alone time
  • Stand in the shower and let the water run down your body
  • Put a playlist together of songs you love
  • Go outside and look up at the sky
  • Smile

Just take some time to care for yourself, even if you are not in your comfort zone.

The truth is a lot of people pretend they have their lives together and they DON’T. So before you compare yourself to a friend or even yourself and how you were two months ago, think of some simple things that you can do for yourself. That is practicing some SELF-LOVE.

Let’s advocate for the basic human necessity that is self-love. It is not selfish, we need to take care of our well-being to be able to take care of others. As mothers/parents self-love is needed in our daily lives.

So tell me what will you do you show self-love each day to make you fall in love with “you” all over again. We have the time or we should make time. What do you say?


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