Conquering My Fear of the Mammogram

I’m not going to lie; I was hoping if I just ignored it, my need to get my first mammogram would somehow disappear. The anxiety that arrived anytime I thought about making the appointment, let alone having to attend the appointment, was more than I wanted to manage.
I feared the unknown, the discomfort, and mostly, the fear of results that would rock my world!
For me, this new health anxiety began after I gave birth to my first daughter almost eight years ago. All the changes my body went through with pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding three babies in five and a half years threw everything off! Every new ache or pain had me thinking the worst.

With the big 4-0 coming up, I knew my spot in the mammogram club was imminent, but I was still terrified.

For me, one of the best ways I handle my fears in life is head on. I made my mammogram appointment as soon as possible, so I had less time to stew about all the what-ifs and possibly give myself an excuse not to attend the appointment.

I was shocked at how quick and painless the whole event actually was!

I think the discomfort associated with a mammogram is directly related to how much you have to squish, but I found the pain to be minimal and the whole thing to be over quickly.
I received my results swiftly; thankfully, they were the results I hoped for. I was told by the radiologist that it was very common to be called back for an ultrasound, so I would not be worried or surprised if I got the call.
A few days later, I received the call and was headed back in for a routine ultrasound. Again, I am thankful that those results were as I’d hoped, and I was out of there. Due to dense breast tissue, my new protocol will include a mammogram as well as an ultrasound yearly.

The fear leading up to the appointment was far worse than the actual experience.

Now I know what to expect and when my time next year rolls around I will feel much more at ease stepping up to my exam.

Put the fear aside and make the appointment! I am so glad that I did! 


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