The Friendships Beyond Your Village


friendship beyondAs a mom, I often think about my “village” – amazing family and friends who not only help and support me but make my life so much sweeter. I am thankful for them all and so grateful for how they enrich my life.

What I often take for granted are the relationships I have formed outside of my daily social circle. The many people I count on every day to complete basic daily tasks.

My friendly mailman, that delivers my letters with a smile and, “How are you today?” My sweet dental hygienist who always asks about my daughters. My allergist, who I only see once a year, but have known since my early 20’s and checks in about my husband surviving life with three daughters (and he always tells me the same funny joke). My midwife, who has delivered two of my daughters and never fails to ask about my trips to Cape Cod!

These are all professionals in my life, but our relationships have become a bit more personal because of the time spent together and the effort we both put into genuinely caring about one another.

And then there is the woman who cuts and colors my hair. If you have found a hairstylist that “gets” your hair, then you “get” the relationship I had with her. Over many years we developed a friendship. She knew how my husband and I met, and she knew that I used to work in marketing but then followed my heart and became a teacher. She also knew about the bridesmaid dress drama I experienced in a friend’s wedding years back. I knew how much she loved music and going to concerts; she’d often refer to herself as a “groupie.” I knew how she met her boyfriend and how they were planning to get married one day soon. We talked about holidays spent with our families (and all the details surrounding meals and who we were celebrating with), and we shared about the vacations we had taken since my last appointment and dreamed about the fantasy vacations we would take one day!

She became my friend over the years.

Sadly, her life was tragically taken in a devastating car accident. I had just seen her the week before and it still seems unreal that she is gone. It is so eerie to think that a person can be here one minute and gone the next. This was an unfathomable loss for her boyfriend, their family, and the whole community. And for me.

She was an important influence on my life; way beyond blonde highlights and dry hair cuts!  

We form so many special relationships in our everyday lives; the cashier at Trader Joes (I may be biased, but they are the best in the area), the pharmacist, your pediatrician, your nail technician, and the list goes on and on.

Take a moment and think of those who are close to you – even though you may not text, call, or socialize with them regularly, they have meaning in your life.

This loss hit me hard. Not only did I lose a friend, but I lost someone who made me feel beautiful! Just remember to tell those who are important to you how much they impact your life!

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Elisabeth is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Fairfield with her husband Andrew and three daughters (born in 2010, 2013 and 2016). She grew up in Litchfield County and moved to Fairfield from Stamford after having her second child. Elisabeth was previously an elementary school teacher, but now feels very blessed to be home with her children (although it’s not an easy job!). She loves to bake and cook, go to the beach with her family, and share a glass of wine with friends!


  1. People do NEED people. A beautiful article remembering friends and neighbors Who have made a difference in your life…serves as a reminder To us to be mindful and thankful for the meriad of people Who make a difference in our daily lives. Thank you Elisabeth for this well written artical….Especially on this day 19 yrs ago…..9/11 .
    People helping People .


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