Grandmas: The Unsung Heroes


Who would I be as a mother if it weren’t for my mom and mother-in-law? How would I survive? Who would I lean on?

My mom, who my kids affectionately call “Lolli” and my mother in law who lovingly goes by “Grandma” have truly been my anchor since some days I feel like I am floating away.

Our moms selflessly watch our children a few days a week, so we can afford to pay our mortgage, rather than doing full-time daycare. My mom still works full-time, which means on the days she watches the girls, she’s working the rest of the night to cover ground.

They feed my kids, change them, help with laundry, prep dinner, wash my dishes, the list goes on. Packages get sent to our house every week. “I thought you may need diapers, so we sent a few boxes.” “I ordered the girls a few outfits in the next size up for you.” “I’ll bring pizza tonight, so you don’t have to worry about cooking.” How on earth did we get so lucky with such supportive, loving, and kind moms?

A 3 a.m. ER visit with my oldest wouldn’t have been possible without my mom rushing over to sleep on our couch. When daycare calls because one of them has a fever, I don’t have to panic. My mother-in-law happily rescues our baby, so we aren’t forced to leave work every single time they’re sick (which is too often). The birthday parties, special events, and holidays can be extremely stressful. But our moms are always the first to arrive, with trays of food in their hands, and the last to leave, helping to scrub dishes and tidy up.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel eternally grateful for their devotion to my kids and our family. They are simply “there.” No questions asked. They show up day after day after day. 

And although I feel indebted to them, as a mother, I know deep down there is nowhere else they’d be. They want to be there. I watch as their faces light up as my kids run and jump into their arms. I cling to the moments where my kids are sitting on their laps, reading a story, or singing a silly song. They’re like second moms to my kids, only better. Grandma’s don’t have nearly as many rules and never-ending cookies.

I only wish the words “thank you” could truly express my endless gratitude.

Thank you for picking up the pieces when I drop them. Thank you for handling the “not so fun” stuff with a smile. Thank you for the food, the diapers, the clothes. Thank you for supporting my husband and me so that we could be the best parents possible. Thank you for loving my children deeply and unconditionally. Thank you for being there, no questions asked, day after day after day.

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Caitlin lives in Shelton with her hard-working and task-oriented husband, two opposite personality daughters, Liliana and Kinley, and her fluffy Goldendoodle, Boomer aka Boomy, Mr. Boombastic, Boombear. She is an enthusiastic kindergarten teacher and wholeheartedly believes in making school fun. Caitlin loves to drop it like it's hot on the dance floor, make the house smell scrumptious by baking a variety of confections, and travel to sunny and tropical destinations. She spends her free time going on all sorts of adventures with her girls, never slowing down or pressing pause. She adores childhood and all the ups and downs that go with it.


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