Cherished People in Our Lives: Grandparents


Grandparent's Day

Each year we take the time to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But how many of you know that there is also a holiday called Grandparent’s Day? Grandparents are some of the most cherished people in our lives that help us connect our generations of family and lineage. So make sure on September 8, 2019 you celebrate Grandparent’s Day!

As a mom in her late 30s, I am happy to say that I still have some living grandparents whom are also very active in contributing to our family. Our relationship is strong and they still advise on some of the decisions I make today. They do not push their beliefs, but instead reflect on how it was for them growing up and they love to share a story from their childhood. It is amazing with all the technological advancements that some of their wisdom still holds true today.

I enjoy weekly phone calls or Facetime with my grandma. Yes, my grandma has an iPhone but she still thinks that “tweets” come from birds and has no clue about Twitter. Technology has certainly evolved in the days since our grandparents were children. It’s interesting to think about how many generations before us did not have iPhones, iPads or Kindles to communicate with growing up. These things help us connect daily, but we need to remember how important it can be to find a way to reach out to any grandparent to celebrate their day!

As many of you may also agree, grandparents provide us with wisdom, advice, and many laughs. The dynamic between my children and my parents is another unique relationship. My daughters bring so much excitement to their grandmothers each time they see them or speak to them on the phone. My youngest loves talking about what we did yesterday. And by saying, “yesterday” she means about six months ago; but only a grandparent could listen to her talk about the same thing 25 times and still act surprised! (Which is a classic toddler moment as we know!). I have also learned a few things since seeing the relationship between my girls and their grandparents; grandkids can do no wrong, grandkids are welcomed anytime, and grandparents love to spoil their grandkids!

Here are some ways your children can celebrate Grandparent’s Day:

  • Visit a grandparent
  • Make cards and pictures and then mail them
  • Spend the day baking with them
  • Read them a funny book
  • Make up a funny dance
  • Talk to them on the phone

In life we sometimes forget how difficult parenting would be without the support of parents sharing their life experiences and knowledge with us. Grandparents have often provided many traditions and helped us instill many family values that we can pass on to our children. So on that note, I am raising a glass of milk with my children to celebrate the beautiful grandparents that have paved the way for our life and motherhood!


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