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lunchesSchool is back in session and that means packing lunches for kids everyday. This can be a very tedious task for any parent in order to keep your child interested, fed, and focused. They need a healthy meal to get them through the long day at school. As parents we have to be careful not to let our kids get bored with the same thing every single day (although my son seems to go through this phase lately) and change up lunch options. Not only do we need to have great food for our kids but the containers and boxes that we put it in must be durable, easy to clean and stand up to the beating that we know all kids put them through. To help ease your stress with packing lunches, I’ve rounded up some great lunch ideas and found some great containers to carry them in!

Lunch Boxes

Some of the best lunch boxes I’ve found through talking with other moms, Facebook group recommendations, and our own FCMB mama’s are from LLBean, Land’s End and Pottery Barn Kids. Yes I know you may look at the sticker price and be shocked with some, but think about the quality that you’re getting as well! These bags are used every single day, in school and out. Yet they stand up to the beating our kids give them. You can throw them in the washer and make them look brand new again! These lunch boxes also come in MANY different designs, colors and pictures, your child will certainly find one that they enjoy. They can even be personalized with names or pictures to make it even more special!

Lunch Containers

There are so many containers to choose from. How do you know which one is best for you (and your child!)? I look for ease of cleaning, durability and price. Again I turn to my mom tribe to see what they are using to hold lunches or snacks and do my research on Amazon to see what others have said! Here are a couple containers that come highly Mom recommended:

Bentgo Boxes for Kids


Fit N Fresh Reusable Lunch Containers (these have separate ice packs that can be great to keep lunches cold during the day)

Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Sandwich Containers

Quick & Easy Lunch Ideas

Honestly, thinking about packing lunch every single day makes me anxious. Will my son eat lunch? Will he go hungry? Is there enough? Is it nut/allergen free? There are so many things to think about when sending food to school or daycare with your child. Here are some quick, easy and healthy options for lunch for your little ones!

Peanut Butter (Or Sunflower Butter) and Jelly (or Fluff occasionally in our house)

Ham & Cheese Sushi – Roll the two pieces together and slice into sushi like pieces! You can even stick a slice of cucumber in there for a little crunch!

Hummus & Carrots

Yogurt with Granola & Fruit – put it together to make a parfait (so fancy!)

Pepperoni, Cheese & Crackers – my kids could live off of turkey pepperoni! They see my husband and I eat this for appetizers or a snack before dinner so they want to be like us! 

Grilled Cheese

Chicken Nuggets

Cut up Sausages or Hot dogs (my kids will eat sausage every day if I let them! So simple and easy!)

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