Does Mom Deserve Therapy?

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A woman on a telehealth call.For the first time ever, Darien Wellness is offering adults (busy moms included!) reduced fee telehealth therapy sessions.

I sat down to write a post announcing this new program, but as soon as I began to type, I was interrupted by a call from my dentist’s office letting me know that my dental hygiene routine had slipped to an embarrassing degree. I was well overdue for my regular cleaning. I shamefully ran my tongue across my neglected teeth and booked the first available slot. Then, assuming I had dropped the ball for the whole family, I asked about scheduling my children. “Nope! They’re all set! They’ve been seen right on schedule!”

As a therapist and a mother of three, this should come as no big surprise to me. Moms are notoriously wonderful at taking care of everyone and everything around them and notoriously bad at taking care of themselves.  

I skip my workout to get my kids to the orthodontist because I want to make sure they all have beautiful smiles. Making my own regular checkups? That tends to fall by the wayside. I reserve birthday party packages instead of elegant date night dinners because I don’t want a single milestone for my children to go uncelebrated.

My own important moments in life? Oh, no need to make a fuss over me! I drive to private lessons in New York, clinics in New Jersey, and random fields in Connecticut towns I’ve never heard of all because my kids displayed the slightest modicum of talent or interest in a sport, skill, or pastime. My talents, passions, or hobbies? Hahaha, what mom has time for those? We’re late for soccer!”

Perhaps it’s because we still believe the lie that self-care is selfish. Or perhaps we’re just too busy and too overwhelmed to know where to begin. Yet, whatever the cause, this isn’t how it should be.

For a lot of moms, the idea of self-care has become unappealing. It’s become an Instagram buzzword that feels empty– another item on our to-do list, another thing we’re failing at. In the worst-case scenario, self-care can feel like something we neither need nor deserve.

I’ve personally never loved the metaphor of putting your own oxygen mask on first. I understand the point, we can’t take anyone else unless we first take care of ourselves. But should we really have to wait until we’re about to go down in flames before we admit that just as much as our children need care, love, and support, we deserve to take care of ourselves too?

If that illustration isn’t enough to make you stop and think for a second, then let me leave you with this. The irony is that by caring for yourself, you are actually taking better care of your children. A healthy mother is what your family needs and deserves far more than another thing or another activity. Not just in body but in spirit and mind as well.

When a mom can find peace and healing for herself, she becomes a better mom. She can be more present and more patient, have more grace, more insights, and more compassion. Most of all, she’s setting an example for her kids by showing them not just how to care for others, but also how to care for themselves. Taking time to address your own mental health needs is truly one of the best gifts you can give to yourself—and one of the best ways to care for your children.

Right now, Darien Wellness is making it easy for busy moms to take a break for themselves. For the first time ever, they are offering reduced fee sessions with supervised student counselors. If you feel like you’ve been too busy to seek out the help you need now is the time. With virtual visits and $20 flat rate (no-insurance-needed) sessions, it couldn’t be more simple to see someone. Don’t wait any longer and don’t believe for a minute that you’re not worth it.

Limited appointments are available for this exciting new program; call 203.883.0464 to reserve your spot now.

Darien WellnessDarien Wellness is a mental health group located in downtown Darien, CT. They are open 7 days a week to meet their clients’ busy schedules and have early morning and late-night hours available as well. Interested in working with one of their coaching or counseling staff? Call 203.883.0464, and a friendly client care specialist will be able to help you find the best fit for you and/or your family.

Visit their website at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.  


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