Meet Alison: Discovering the Next Chapter


Hi, I’m Alison. I’ve been married since 2009, and my husband and I have two daughters, ages 11 and 8. We’ve lived in Trumbull for almost ten years – time flies and I’m discovering the next chapter in my life. 

I’m very excited to be joining Fairfield County Mom as a contributor. Writing has always been my outlet and passion, so joining as a contributor now couldn’t have come at a better time. Let me explain.  

When I became a first-time mom twelve years ago, I had an all-out identity crisis. As I’m sure many new parents can relate to, I questioned my new status as a mom and how this related to my life as a professional, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and an individual. I was defiant in accepting this new title because I didn’t want it to define me. I made sure to be careful in balancing my time and attention. As I learned to navigate this new responsibility and transition to motherhood, I was lucky to find a very healthy balance.     

Having been recently laid off from my employer of 11 years, I find myself in a similar identity crisis. Until the news came of this layoff, I didn’t even realize how much my work had defined me. 

I’ve been lucky to have a mighty support system throughout processing this news, and more than one of them has told me, “That job didn’t define you.”  

But without realizing it, I did let it define me. Even though I’d felt burnt out over the past few years and wanted a break, I never took it because it was “never a good time.” 

Though I’m still processing this life change, I’m committed to decompressing, focusing on the things I love, and evaluating my next move. 

So far, I’ve reconnected with my network, leaned in as manager of my daughter’s soccer team (hello, spring season), and spent lots of time outdoors walking and hiking (I highly recommend Collins P. Huntington State Park for hiking, I discovered so many beautiful spots along the trail, see image below). 

During this transition, I’m also preparing for our spring break cruise, hoping to find the joy in cooking, and finally giving our neglected hallway bathroom a makeover.  

I am sure that many others have had times of transition and rediscovery. How did you cope with discovering the next chapter?


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