National Pizza Day


A woman eating a slice of pizza. National Pizza Day has me thinking about the quote, “One bite, everyone knows the rules.” This line has had me discover a love of pizza I didn’t know I had.

For the majority of my life, I would not eat pizza. Not. One. Bite. Having my own children now, I am perplexed how I got through my whole childhood without it since it seems to be the only thing on the menu at birthday parties!

My father always told me that my disdain for pizza stemmed from burning my hand on a piping hot pie as a 2-year-old. Fast forward 30+ years; Barstool Sports becomes popular, and Dave Portnoy makes mouth-watering pizza reviews on social media. After he went to Colony, Riko’s, and all the New Haven pizza spots and subsequently gave them all very high reviews, I knew I had to toe-dip back into the pizza game. 

Naturally, being from Stamford, my first visit was the OG Colony Grill. I ordered a hot oil pizza; well done. When it came out, it was piping hot, and there was zero flop to it, and that first bite was like pure magic! Just like that, in one bite, I fell in love with pizza.

I couldn’t get enough! My husband and I (before having our kids) were trying a new pizza spot each weekend! After just a few months of being back in the pizza game, I could tell you the best, good, and worst pizzas up and down Fairfield County (and beyond)!

Here are my top 10 favorite pizza spots in Connecticut. 

  1. Modern Apizza; New Haven
  2. Pepe’s Pizzeria; New Haven
  3. Sally’s Apizza; New Haven 
  4. Colony Grill; Stamford
  5. Nauti Dolphin; Fairfield 
  6. Riko’s; Norwalk 
  7. Belltown Pizza; Stamford 
  8. Good Old Days; Newtown 
  9. Zuppardis; West Haven
  10. Roseland Pizza; Derby

Did your favorite pizza make my list? I always look for new places to try, so please share your favorites in or around Fairfield County! 


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