12 New Year’s Eve Superstitions Worth Following


Drinks and sparklers for New Year's Eve.I have always been a superstitious person. I have a lucky number, am a lover of astrology, and follow the majority of superstitions from this fellow mom’s list.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day superstitions are some of the most intriguing. Below is a list of 12 New Year’s superstitions worth following, regardless of whether they hold up or not. Who wouldn’t want to do something to usher their new year off to a good start if they could? 

  1. A New Year’s kiss at midnight ensures 12 months of continued affection with whomever you kiss. (Origin: England and Germany)

2. Eating black-eyed peas and collard greens on New Year’s Day makes for good luck and good fortune. (Origin: Southern US)

3. Stock your cupboards before midnight. Bare cabinets are bad luck as they mean you will struggle for the next 12 months.

4. Eating 12 grapes at midnight (one for each month!) is good luck. (Origin: Spain)

5. Avoid lobsters! Eating lobsters on New Year’s Eve is considered bad luck as lobsters move backward, and it will set you up for a year of setbacks. (Origin: Asia)

6. Opening all doors and windows at midnight will usher out the old year and let in the new one. (Origin: Philippines)

7. Making noise at midnight wards off evil spirits. (Origin: China)

8. Don’t clean your house—no laundry, dishes, or taking out the trash. You don’t want to clean away all the good luck you have stored through the year. This is one that I think most parents can get behind! (Origin: China)

9. No crying on New Year’s Day. This could set you up for a year of sadness.

10. Don’t leave the house until someone enters from the outside first, and they shouldn’t come in empty-handed. (Origin: Scotland)

11. Cash in your wallet will supposedly usher in a year of wealth. (Origin: Ancient Babylonia)

12. Carry an empty suitcase around your house. This will bring you a year of travel and adventure. (Origin: Latin America)

What are your favorite New Year’s Eve superstitions, and do you follow any?


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