Fairfield County Mom’s Top 10 Posts of 2022


A woman on a computer.Fairfield County Mom is a collaborative blog written by and for local moms. Our primary focus is delivering valuable content to YOU, our mommy readers. This year our contributor team opened themselves up and poured out their hearts, sharing personal parenting experiences and perspectives, as well as fun and creative things to do around the county. In partnership with local businesses, we were able to connect you to valuable information, products, and services relevant to your lives. 

Here is a list of our top 10 most-viewed posts of 2022! Make sure to read the posts you may have missed, reread the posts that you could connect with, and share the posts you love!

kindergarten jitters1. Kindergarten Jitters

“My daughter, who finds all things magical and has always been a lover of the school routines – circle time, answering questions, jobs, etc., was adamantly against the K-word. I was perplexed and had a job to do. I had to help her to realize Kindergarten was going to be amazing.”

A group of four women laughing.2. I Was Part of a Mom Clique. Why I Won’t Be Again.

“I now see my time in a mom clique as an important reminder of these lessons – to be inclusive, kind, forgiving, and well, just myself. Because while having mom friends is important, having the right ones means so much more.”

A girl standing next to her backpack.3. A Mom’s Sadness is Carried in a Fifth Grade Backpack

“I’m not ready for my oldest to leave the cocoon of elementary school. I’m not ready for her to leave behind the place where she grew into herself. There is too much of her housed in that building. I am scared thinking about any single drop that she may leave behind. I want her to pack up all of the little pieces of herself and carry them forever.”

Two girls on the couch with their dog.4. All Dogs Go To Heaven

“They weren’t in the room for the final goodbye, but we thought we had done as decent a job preparing them as one could in this awful circumstance. As I said, we thought we did.”


Raw honey and lemon.5. Natural Tips and Remedies for When Your Child is Sick

“It’s that time of year when we’re dodging illnesses left and right. We do our best to avoid getting sick, but sometimes it’s inevitable. As moms, our deepest desire is for our children to feel better fast. That said, it can be difficult to know when it’s necessary to see the doctor, try an over-the-counter medicine, or perhaps a natural remedy.”

bacon wrapped dates6. Our Family’s Favorite Holiday Appetizer

“They were so good that I started making them at home when friends came over for drinks, and my family started incorporating them into our holiday cooking. 15+ years later, this appetizer is still on heavy rotation and often requested.”

A teenage boy sleeping.7. Back to School Bedtime

“Yes, it felt terrible to hear those words, but I knew in my heart that I was a mean mommy for a good reason. Going home robbed him of fun, but staying robbed him of sleep.


negative place8. When You’re in a Negative Place

“Getting yourself out of a negative place can feel impossible when you’re in the thick of it. You feel stuck. You feel bad. You feel inadequate. You feel short-tempered. That confident and empowered you seems light-years away.”

A meal in a crock pot.9. Making Dinner Fast in the Slow Cooker

“I may not have appreciated my mom’s crock pot meals as a child, but I now have a newfound appreciation for mine. My dinners have become less time-consuming and are always hot whenever my family members are ready to eat.”

Mother and son putting their heads together.10. The Unraveling of Autism

“In all our preparation, research, and discussions, there was one thing I hadn’t thought of – from this day forward, my son would always know he had autism. His life would be different because his perspective would be different. Not better or worse but altered. In my heart, I knew it was better for him to know but also harder. And for that, I was immensely sorry.”

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Thank you for following along with us, and make sure to stay tuned for what we have in store for 2023! What topics would you love to read this upcoming year? Comment below!


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