Ode to My Yoga Pants


yoga pantsOh, yoga pants. You just get me. You know what I like. You know how to take care of me. You know that, as a mom, every day is literally a marathon. And you are along for the epic ride. I love you, sweet, sweet yoga pants.

You don’t judge me. 

You don’t care if I am helicoptering or free-ranging. You don’t have any opinions other than making sure that I am comfortable. I assure you, I am comfortable.

You support me. 

You give in all the right “Mom” places. You don’t care what I just ate. You don’t care what I am going to eat later. You won’t tell anyone about that protein-packed salad the same way you won’t tell anyone about that cookie. You are just my silent supportive friend that fits like a glove no matter what. And on Thanksgiving Day, you know that you are my best friend.

You like to play. 

Where do children like to play? On the floor. Where is the least comfortable place for a grown adult to spend several hours a day? Yup, the floor. Yoga pants are all good with playing on the floor, crawling around looking for toys, impromptu dance parties, and fitting your nice mom-bod into small places for hide-and-seek.

You have no agenda.

We might work out. We might not. We might do, gasp, yoga. We might just be running errands. You don’t care. You get that “running errands” in Mom world might very well mean 3.5 hours sitting behind the wheel. Seriously. Any given day, a mom spends an inordinate amount of time driving. Yoga pants are most certainly along for that ride without any complaints or restrictions. How does that elastic waistband feel now? Yup, awesome.

You offer me a style for every mood. 

Boot cut. Slim fit through the ankle. Cropped. Capri. One cannot say the same for any other pant in the world. My closet shelves are seriously divided into “athletic pants for actually working out” and “no, that’s just what I wear every day.

You are the chameleon of pants.

I can dress you down. Sneakers? Done. Or I can dress you up. I can pair a slim fit yoga pant with a knee-high boot and sweater and call it “being dressed.” Feeling in the middle and want to wear your Toms with a casual plaid button-down? Yup that totally works too. Playground, PTA, toddler music class, or grocery store, we fit in everywhere.

Whether I am stuck in a rocking chair for hours upon hours with a newborn, doing tummy time with the baby, chasing the toddlers at the park, or being a chauffeur to the older kids, yoga pants are my pants. I eased into the world of yoga pants fairly slowly…the comfort was attractive, but I was trying to convince myself that jeans were just more “appropriate” for a grown lady. Several weeks spent rolling around on the floor with a baby, and I never looked back from my yoga pants lifestyle. I loathe the day that my children grow too old for me to pass my yoga pants off as acceptable adult style.

Why do you love your yoga pants?


  1. OMG!! Swear, I just wrote this blog… a little differently, but same title! I haven’t published it yet though and was searching for how to write “ode” o’de, ode’ ‘ode, I still don’t know!! I may have been channeling you, was “writing” it in my head at 3am, that’s when I do my best thinking!!

    I am loving your blog!!

  2. Yoga pants & tights are pretty much all I wear every single day, and dresses in the summer. I honestly can’t remember when I last wore jeans! Thank goodness for the brain child of athleisure 😂 Great blog!


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