My Preschooler Is Like My Dog


preschooler like dogLet me begin by saying that my preschooler has never known a day without his big brother (5 1/2) and big, furry sister (our 7 1/2-year-old golden retriever). Having spent almost three years together, they are more alike than I ever thought a human and dog could be. Here are my ten favorite similarities beyond their big, sappy, wet eyes.

1. They drink from our water table.

Seeing this last week actually inspired this post. While kicking a ball with my older son, I observed my preschooler leaning over and lapping water up from the water table (I’m sure it was part hose water and part rainwater).

2. They pee outside. 

The preschooler is in that ‘sure I could be potty trained, but why?’ phase. The only thing that helps is letting him pee outside. Awesome. I can’t wait to explain that one to his teachers.

3. Their days revolve around food.

Wake up. Food. When do I get more food? Food. When do I get your food? Nap. Snack. Who’s food is that? Dinner. Rest and repeat.

4. They beg for other people’s food.

Beg is a nice term, actually. They both have a thing for pizza and butter. Similarly, I’m pretty sure my preschooler can smell the ingredients in baked goods (zucchini muffins – curse you!) just like dogs.

5. They get super excited when they see the mailman or FedEx truck.

To validate this, our FedEx driver gives out dog biscuits and Amazon packages. I get excited too.

6. They play fetch.

Actually, our dog isn’t nearly as good as my son. She is technically a golden retriever, but we often just say she’s a golden. She retrieves once or twice…if she’s in a lake or pond.

7. They run with their tongues out.

This is just hilarious to watch, especially in slow motion. They basically have theme music playing along with their jaunts.

8. They do almost everything my 5 1/2-year-old asks them to do.

As the big brother, he tells them where to sit, where to go, and what toys they’re allowed to play with. They’re pretty accommodating.

9. They sleep in the weirdest positions.

Butts up. Wedged into a corner. Curled into a fetal position. It makes me uncomfortable to think about.

10. They HATE getting haircuts and nails cut.

This is so mind-boggling to me because these are some of my very favorite things to do. They’re most relaxing, but apparently, I’m the only one who feels that way.

What other fun ways are your children like your pets? 

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Julie P
Julie is a full-time 5th grade teacher, full-time mommy, part-time runner and resident of Ridgefield! Originally from Colorado, she grew up in SW Fairfield County and got married in 2008. They spent a few years south of the Mason-Dixon, got a dog, and returned to CT to raise their family. A former collegiate tennis player, she loves staying active and finding ways to get outside with her two boys (Oliver - February 2011 and Miles - October 2013). When she's not grading papers, playing racecars, or training for a race, Julie is trying to cook healthy meals for her (picky) family, keep their golden retriever out of trouble, take photos, stay organized and save some money to buy a fixer-upper.


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