Saturday Night Play Date


Two women drinking wine.One of my new favorite activities to schedule since becoming a mom is the Saturday night play date. Have you had one lately? This is when another couple with children comes over for dinner and play time. Adult beverages for the parents. A craft and movie for the kids. Everyone wins!

I love a Saturday night play date for many reasons. One, it is fairly easy to coordinate because it doesn’t require a babysitter. Two, it offers the same casual atmosphere as a daytime play date, but my husband gets to join in on the fun! Since having two children, we often have to divide and conquer over the weekend. Having a special night where we can chat with another couple gives us something to look forward to.

Typically, our Saturday night play date begins as early as 4:30 or 5 p.m. because we have young children that need to go to bed (ideally) by 8 p.m. Although, I will admit that on these special nights, we do extend bedtimes a bit. I usually provide a special activity for the little ones that my daughter helps me plan. She loves entertaining and spends a few days preparing for her special guest. And mommy enjoys that part, too! It’s my chance to dust off our funky glasses and serving platters from our childless days. My husband and I loved hosting get-togethers and haven’t done this nearly as often since having our kids.

My goal for the coming year is to try to host one monthly. Now that my daughter is in elementary school, I find she wants to connect with friends outside of school. There is never enough time during the work week, and weekend days are filled with dance classes, sports activities, church, and birthday parties.

I think this activity gives us all a chance to get to know school friends (and their mommies and daddies) a little bit better! I also find this venue great for reconnecting with old friends. This month’s guest is my old friend from junior high; her little guy is just a few months younger than my son, and a play date for the two of them is long overdue!

What is your favorite type of play date? How do you stay connected with old friends and make new ones since having children?

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Shannon has lived in Fairfield County, CT for most of her life and currently lives in Monroe. She has a daughter L (September, 2008) and a son B (May, 2012). Shannon balances being a wife and mom with working 186 days out of the year as a special education teacher. Thank goodness for vacations, summer break, and snow days! You can be sure that she fills those days with as many amazing activities and outings that she can think of to make up for the time that she is at work. In a distant life, way before babies, Shannon was an aspiring actress and musician. You can sometimes still find her leading sing-a-longs with her guitar at the kids’ playgroups or at her daughter’s school.



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