The Top 10 Mom Hacks for Summer


A full beach bag on the sand.Here is a list of cool life hacks for summer to make things easier when you are already a bit frazzled having your kids back with you 24/7 (if they aren’t in camp), or maybe that’s just me?.

1. Apply sun tan lotion with a makeup brush or sponge. It keeps the sun tan lotion away from a child’s eyes, and mouth yet gets the all-over coverage you would want! 

2. Store popsicles in an insulated water bottle. Want to bring popsicles to the pool or park but are afraid they will melt before you can get to them? Pop them in an insulated water bottle! This will help to keep them frozen for a couple of hours.

3. Keep a fitted sheet around the top of your kiddie pool when it’s not in use. Are you tired of all the leaves and debris in your toddler’s kiddie pool? Throw a fitted sheet around the top to stop unwanted things from floating in! This helps keep everything out, AND you don’t have to dump and fill each time you use it!

4. Keep a bottle of baby powder in your beach bag. If you are not near an outdoor shower, adding the powder to sandy parts of your body will instantly take the sand off.

5. Freeze all your drinks the night before you go to the pool or beach. Your drinks will melt quickly but will be refreshingly cool when ready to enjoy them! 

6. Keep a “wet bag” in your beach bag. This helps to put all the wet suits and towels in it. This will help you avoid the musty smell that may occur by leaving wet items in the bag. 

7. Have a wireless charger in your beach bag at all times! This keeps all devices going, keeping kids happy once they start to get over being waterside and your days spent in your favorite place going for longer stretches of time. 

8. Pack a backpack filled with the “I might forget” items. Some items include snacks, empty water bottles, a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, extra bottle of suntan lotion, etc. You can leave these supplies in your trunk, grab them, and go as needed.

9. Use frozen water balloons in your cooler. By the end of the day, the kids can have a water balloon fight once melted! 

10. Pop your phone in a ziplock bag. This stops it from getting wet or sandy, and you can still use all the touch features through the bag. 

Do you have any hacks for summer that you think should be listed? Share in the comments! 


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