Top 5 “School Year” Resolutions


school year resolutions

Most people make New Year’s resolutions. There’s just something about starting a new year that challenges people to start over and try to improve themselves. And just like January 1, a new school year is, to me, a chance to right the wrongs of school years past.

I loved school, as does my older daughter, and I always envisioned that no matter what else happened, I would really knock this “school parent” role out of the park. I start every school year with the best intentions of keeping it all together, however I inevitably fizzle out when the stresses of life take over. This year, I’m going to give myself some goals and see if I can start fresh. With that in mind, I give you my top 5 resolutions for this school year!

#1- I will actually have appropriate supplies in the house, and I will know where they are! If I told you the amount of time we waste running around looking for glue sticks (found in the sideboard) and scissors (found in the junk drawer) before we even START homework, you’d be embarrassed for me. This year, I’ll find one central location and keep them there.

#2- I will pack healthy snacks when the teacher tells us to. Not just leftover Halloween candy, random snacks from the last birthday party goodie bag or anything else I find as we’re running out the door in the morning. Maybe it will be fruit, maybe it will be fruit roll ups, but I will NOT send chocolate (ok maybe on her birthday).

#3- We will be on time! My daughter’s school is starting 15 minutes earlier this year, which is already keeping me up at night. I’ll make sure to have easy breakfast items available and know where shoes AND jackets are the night before.

#4- Volunteer when my work schedule allows. I always assumed I would play a major role in my child’s school experience, but with the exception of a book fair every now and then, I’m really not as engaged as I’d like to be.

#5- Sign up and actually take my child to school events. This one should be paired with hanging school flyers on the fridge where I will see them, so I won’t forget that she definitely wants to go to the glow party, and the fall festival, and the school play.

This all seems like a tall order, but I feel like with a little planning I can at least achieve one or two of these, right?

What “school year” resolutions are you making this year?


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