Stop Feeling Guilty, Your Body Needs It

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We are all stressed to the max, and our bodies are feeling it. How many of you mamas wake up still feeling tired? Not only are we constantly on the go, but our minds are on overdrive. What adds to our stress is that everywhere we turn, whether you pass it scrolling on IG or from a friend at the park, we are told about the importance of self-care. But why do we feel so guilty when we do it?

Self-care can look different for everyone. Maybe it’s pulling through the drive-thru at Starbucks. Maybe it’s spending 20 minutes alone in your car reading a book. Maybe it’s going for a long walk. 

For me, it has been a monthly membership at Massage Envy Fairfield. Here’s why I’m not feeling guilty about it…

It’s good for my body.

Stress relief is key to striking a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Even a single massage session can help relax my muscles and support the production of endorphins to manage and reduce daily stress. Each time I receive a custom experience based on what my body needs. My session always starts with a conversation with my massage therapist. She can then pull from various massage types and incorporate elements of them to address my specific needs. I carry my stress in my neck and shoulders. The right amount of pressure helps keep my blood moving through congested areas. In turn, this helps increase blood flow to promote circulation in my body.

You can even further customize a massage with aromatherapy. Essential oils relax your entire mind, body, and spirit – lavender is my fave. You can also add on a hot stone massage or an exfoliating treatment (goodbye dry skin!).

I can let my mind wander.

This is the only time I am forced to stop and focus on myself. There’s no chance to multitask. All I can do is close my eyes and listen to the soft calming music. I can let my mind wander and relax. We all need to zone out every once in a while. My mind is still active but different areas of my brain are working. After a massage, my mind feels clearer and my thoughts are more organized. 

It’s something to look forward to.

Getting out of the house is crucial to my mental health. I like to make my appointment in advance so I have something to look forward to. Their extensive safety protocols are in place to help protect my service provider and me. I also like to know I’m keeping my body working by making my wellness routine a priority.

Massage Envy Fairfield offers a wide variety of customized massage and facial services, including advanced skin-care treatments, total body stretch, and rapid tension relief.

They also offer several brands of at-home skincare products, including Obagi, PCA Skin, and Proactiv!

A membership at Massage Envy Fairfield makes it easy to stick to my self-care routine even when life gets busy. I can access a host of other wellness-focused benefits to help turn this new routine into a lifestyle. They’re open seven days a week with late weeknight and weekend hours, making it easy to fit into my ever-changing schedule.

Positivity and empathy are the cornerstones for every member and guest who walks through the door of a Massage Envy franchised location. Massage Envy strives to earn and to keep the trust of those served by delivering exceptional and memorable service. 

Massage therapy relaxes my muscles to help relieve stress, boosts my overall energy, and refreshes my mental and emotional outlook. And that’s nothing to feel guilty about!

Stop in or call them at (203) 333-3689 to see how they can help you get started. You can also visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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