A Sweet Addition



It is very simple. But it wasn’t simple to get to where we are today. Weeks of uncertainty created strong emotions and lots of tears for my 8-year-old daughter. It really took a toll on her. I spent so much time trying to figure out how to help her cope with the change.

There was so much loneliness. She missed her friends. She missed seeing familiar faces each day. She missed playing with classmates at recess. And even the quick ride on the school bus was missed. 

Then more weeks passed and we were still in the same situation. Still comforting her each night but not really having the right words to do so. With no end in sight, social distancing has become the norm.

We tried to cheer her up with new toy or a new game, but there was still something missing from her life. And then it dawned on me, what she really missed was companionship and what better companion is there than a new pet?

We discussed various pets that would be suitable for our family and we kept coming back to a parakeet. Our first family pet was a beta fish, so we knew we wanted a pet that would be more interactive. And we were not ready for the responsibilities of a non-caged animal like a dog or cat. 

The decision came quick and was probably one of the best decisions we have made. The new parakeet has been a sweet addition to our family. My daughter is so happy. She feeds him each day, cleans the cage, and cannot wait to see him in the morning when she wakes up. Each night she sits in her favorite comfy spot next to the bird and reads him a bedtime story.

Her entire array of emotions has changed. The crying stopped. Maybe she found more of a purpose. Maybe she found simple moments to cherish, such as a chirping bird. The joy in her eyes has given her something to look forward to each day. 


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