Swim Safely with a Certified Lifeguard



Three whistles. What does that mean? It means there is a drowning in progress. When you hear three whistles leave the pool or ocean immediately. Here’s how you can prevent hearing three whistles:

  1. Ensure all individuals at or near a water body know how to swim safely.
  2. If someone doesn’t know how to swim, don’t allow the person to go into an area where he or she can’t touch the floor or bottom. 
  3. Never have glass around a pool area. 
  4. Never allow a child to be unattended near a pool. 
  5. Never use electronic devices near a pool, unless an adult is paying close attention to the pool and all of the occupants in the pool. 
  6. Always have a phone nearby to dial 911. 
  7. Know where a first aid kit is located. Ensure the first aid kit is fully stocked with current creams. If you don’t have a well-stocked first aid kit, you can order one online. 

Every day someone around the world dies from drowning. Children drown. Adults also drown. Drownings are preventable. Host pool parties with a certified lifeguard. Don’t attend a party without a certified lifeguard. Together, we can make a difference in Fairfield County. Here is how: 

  1. Work together to promote water safety and awareness. 
  2. Don’t attend a pool party that is not guarded by an American Red Cross certified lifeguard. (The lifeguard certificate must be current and the lifeguard must be trained in CPR, first aid and AED). 

If we set a standard for prevention and preparedness, we can prevent drownings. I started WeLifeguard.com as a non-profit last summer to ensure everyone has access to affordable certified lifeguards. When I started WeLifeguard.com, my mission was to prevent all drownings – not just in Fairfield County – but around the nation. So far, residents in Florida, New York State, and California have asked me to lifeguard pools.

Please help me in my mission to prevent drownings by spreading the word. If you want me to provide a water safety presentation for free, email me at [email protected]. If you want swimming lessons – whether you are an adult, or for your child, WeLifeguard.com will connect you with a lifeguard or swim instructor that can help teach you to swim.

The service is FREE. You simply go to WeLifeguard.com and fill out the reservation form. Once you submit the form, I text the lifeguards with your date and time. Once a lifeguard responds with availability, you and the lifeguard are provided with contact information. You and the lifeguard set the terms and rate directly with each other. WeLifeguard does not charge a fee to either the lifeguards or to the water host. The goal is simple: prevent drownings. 

If you can’t afford a lifeguard or swimming lessons and I am free, (ie: not working on college essays or studying for my summer classes) I will volunteer my time. If you are a certified lifeguard and want to be listed, contact [email protected]

I hope to never have to blow my whistle three times. And, I hope you never have to hear three whistles either. I can imagine a world without drownings, can you? 

Daria Maya, Founder of the non-profit, WeLifeguard.com.  


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