How To Take a Mom-Cation


As a mom of twin 4-year-olds, wife, daughter, and business owner, I am constantly overwhelmed, over-touched, and overstimulated. As a Sex & Relationship Coach, I hear this from my mom clients all the time: “I wish I could just get away!” But can we ever really get away? YES, MAMA, we can! Let me tell you how.

Small micro-actions lead to sustainable changes. Sure, maybe it’s not in the cards right now to take a week-long getaway to a far-off land, but don’t knock the mom-cation till you’ve tried it!

Every six months or so, more if I can, I take what I call a mom-cation for at least 24 hours. I rent a hotel room or an Airbnb all by myself. Most times, it is within an hour of my house. I get a king-size bed and sleep like a starfish. I usually start my stay with self-care things I have been putting off or claiming I don’t have time for. This sometimes includes a pedicure, wax, massage, chiro appointment, or frivolous shopping.

I then find a cute little spot to get lunch. I bring a book for pleasure to read while eating. Let me say; I make it a point to leave work at home. (I also take work-cations, but that’s an article for another day.) At this point, I can typically check in a little early. I check in and will either nap or lie quietly on the bed for a little while. Enjoy the silence or turn on some light instrumental music. 

For dinner, I do one of two things. Never fast food or room service. I will either go to a recommended restaurant by myself or, most often, I will still go to said restaurant, but I will get it to go. And I always get dessert!

My evening is spent either binge-watching a Netflix show my husband won’t watch, reading more, scrolling between HGTV and TLC, or I have gone to the movies, but typically I like to put on some cozy jammies and lounge. Oh, before I forget, bring all your favorite snacks and drinks. Go all out. You don’t have to share with anyone!

I go to bed and wake up when I feel like it. And then, before I head home, I’ll take a nice walk, do some shopping, or visit another local coffee shop, and then I head home.

Sure, it’s short. But no one is grabbing me, asking me what’s for dinner, or “Can I have a snack?” There isn’t laundry or dirty dishes staring me down. I get to eat and drink warm food and watch what I want on TV. In this season of my life, I will accept my mom-cation with gratitude.   


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