The Best Jeans for Moms


jeansHave you ever looked at old photos and immediately knew what decade it was based on the clothing? Recently I found old photos of my mom wearing basically every jean style ever created. Thinking back on the evolution of jeans throughout the decades is fascinating. The phrase “mom jeans” used to have a negative connotation associated with it, but I am thrilled that they are now considered fashionable for women of all ages. 

Let’s take a look at what jean style each decade brought us:

60’s and 70’s: the iconic bell bottom

80’s: high waists and acid wash

90’s: dungarees and boot cut

2000’s: low rise and embellished

2010’s: skinny

2020: “mom”

What a perfect time to be a mom. It’s a trend train I can certainly hop on. If you’re on the hunt for a great pair of mom jeans to hold in a little extra belly or be fashion-forward, here are a few options.

Gap High Waist Jeans: If you’re looking for a good pair of “tried and true,” look no further than the Gap. If there were to be one brand coined “mom jeans,” these are the winners. Luckily they come in tons of seasonal color combinations because I can’t get enough.

Loft Jeans: If you aren’t quite ready to make the mom jean leap just yet, Loft offers a wide variety of styles for every shopper. Skinny, straight, boyfriend, flare, and wide-leg are all available in multiple different shades. 

Madewell Jeans: If you’re like me, you keep your jeans for years and years. If that’s the case, you’ll want a quality pair that will last and stay fitted. Madewell offers a ton of options for all shapes at a slightly higher price point but excellent quality. 

Good American: I highly recommend splurging on one perfect pair of jeans. Good American jeans hug every curve, lift, sculpt, and shape to make every woman say “damn” when they look in the mirror. I call these my “butt pants” because they make every woman’s butt look great!

Nordstrom: When on the best jean hunt, I came across an amazing find at the one and only Nordstrom. Jean experts! Who knew there was such a thing? These jean experts will help you find the best cut, length, and rise for your shape body. Hello, girlfriends!? Why haven’t I heard of this sooner?

Levi: And then there is the old American standby: Levi. These classic jeans are affordable and comfortable. They’re a staple in many American family’s drawers because they cater to men, women, and children. “Quality never goes out of style!”

What are your favorite mom-friendly jeans? Share it with us!


  1. Thinking it’s time to get out of my leggings and into jeans now that my little guy is 10 months old. No more excuses! ha! Thanks for the article. Always informative.

  2. Gap jeans have always fit me well. I used to love dark wash (and still do) but have found that being active with two toddlers in jeans means I wear out the knees SUPER fast so my next jeans purchases will be a lighter wash to conceal their constant wear! Anxious to check out loft jeans!


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