12 Things I Say to My Toddler All Day, Every Day


Toddler’s love repetition. Sometimes I feel like I’m living the real-life version of “Groundhog Day,” except my almost-two-year-old daughter is the groundhog, and I’m not wondering if she’ll see her shadow…I’m wondering if she’ll be in a good mood. I guess that makes me Bill Murray? Moving on…

I am actually a creature of habit, so I don’t mind the same-old, same-old. I kind of like it. We have our morning routine with Winnie the Pooh, Bunny, and Bear, the song-filled car ride to school and back, and the story/kiss ritual at bedtime. It’s our thing, and I love it. Something that I noticed recently, though, I am a broken record. I say the SAME EXACT PHRASES EVERY DAY. It’s official. I’m that mom.

Here are the 12 things I say to my toddler all day, every day:

Did you go poopie? We’re about a month shy of my daughter’s 2nd birthday and decided to hold off on potty training until I’m super motivated to make it happen. So, she’s in diapers, and sometimes tries to hide the fact—which is impossible to do!—that she pooped, so she can keep playing. When I ask, she sometimes lies! Already lying? Is that normal?giphy

Be careful. She’s fearless and I’m fearful.giphy copy

Want me to give it a kiss? Luckily most of our boo-boos can be healed with a kiss.giphy-3

You don’t need anymore butter. Whether it’s veggies, a bagel, or pasta, my girlie always wants “more butter, please!” giphy-4

I’m so proud of you. We have some hallmark moments every day when my daughter is on her best behavior, and I praise her profusely. She gets very excited, and I feel like super mom.giphy-5

Don’t touch, yucky! Grim, gunk, ick! Let’s just say we wash hands regularly.giphy-6

You’re welcome, baby girl. My daughter has gotten really good at saying please and thank you, so much so that she thanks me for every little thing. “Thank you, mommy,” she’ll say after I buckle her into her carseat. Love it.giphy-7

Show me how you’re patient. The concept of “give me one more minute,” does not translate to a toddler. Luckily my daughter thinks it’s fun to show me her “patient face”, so we make a little game out of it.giphy-8

You’re silly. Oh, man, is my girlie funny! The other day at the beach she insisted on being the mommy and giving me my bottle. It was so funny. Maybe you had to be there…giphy-9

It’s OKAY. Whether something breaks, someone falls, or things don’t go according to plan, it’s always okay. We roll with the punches, which I’m certain is what keeps us all sane.giphy

I love you. Like, seriously. I friggin’ love that little girl so much. I tell her at least a million times per day.giphy-12

Do you have any phrases you say all day, every day? Please share them in the comments!

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