A True Story of a Fairy Tale Friendship


fairy tale friendship

Do you believe in fairy tales?

Once upon a time, in a little town in Connecticut, there lived a brunette, straight-haired little girl and her family. That little girl had a beautiful childhood filled with love and adventures. 

When the little girl was only 6 months old, her neighbor gave birth to a blonde, curly-haired little girl. At 6 months old, the brunette, straight-haired girl went to the hospital to meet her new blonde, curly-haired baby neighbor and very first best friend. 

The two little girls grew up next door to each other and created countless memories together. They spent summers rolling down each other’s grassy hills, eating popsicles on the back porch, making up new songs and dances, swimming in the family pool, and telling secrets to each other. They each had an older brother, who were also the best of friends.

They were complete opposites. The brunette was silly and playful. The blonde was smart and shy. They balanced each other out and developed the most beautiful friendship

As the school years rolled by, the two girls always stayed close. They had similar interests and hobbies, always participating in the same activities. 

When it was time for the two girls to go off to college, they parted ways but always kept in touch. Random text check-ins and meet-ups on school breaks were the new normal. 

After college, the blonde, curly-haired girl took a job in New York, while the brunette, straight-haired girl began teaching in Connecticut. Still, they remained close, despite the distance. 

For 10 years, they spent Monday nights traveling to see each other to watch “The Bachelor” with a small group of close friends. 

They each stood by each other’s side as they got married and cried happy tears as they thought back on the 30 years of friendship they had built together.

How many people can say they met their lifelong best friend when they were born?

The brunette, straight-haired woman, went on to have two brunette, straight-haired little girls of her own.

Soon after, the blonde, curly-haired girl had a little girl of her own.

One day, the brunette texted her blonde friend (who was living in New York at the time) that the house next door to her was being put on the market. She thought, “Wouldn’t it be wild if our little girls could re-create our childhood as neighbors?” She knew she was only dreaming and that such a scenario was extremely unlikely. 

However, little did she know, the blonde, curly-haired woman thought it was an amazing idea and jumped at the opportunity. She drove back to her hometown that day and made an offer on the house. After 8 other offers, two days of anxiously waiting, and very nervous best friends, the girls learned that they would be neighbors once again!

Well, that brunette, straight-haired little girl is me. And the blonde…that’s my best friend.

She bought the house next door to me, and our little girls are going to grow up next door to each other and create millions of memories, just as we did. 

To make this story even cooler…my other best friend is my neighbor on the other side and has a little girl of her own, as well!

I envision these girls spending summers rolling down grassy hills, eating popsicles, swimming, and telling secrets. And their moms will sit back and watch another fairy tale friendship unfold. 

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Caitlin lives in Shelton with her hard-working and task-oriented husband, two opposite personality daughters, Liliana and Kinley, and her fluffy Goldendoodle, Boomer aka Boomy, Mr. Boombastic, Boombear. She is an enthusiastic kindergarten teacher and wholeheartedly believes in making school fun. Caitlin loves to drop it like it's hot on the dance floor, make the house smell scrumptious by baking a variety of confections, and travel to sunny and tropical destinations. She spends her free time going on all sorts of adventures with her girls, never slowing down or pressing pause. She adores childhood and all the ups and downs that go with it.


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