Jenna is a full-time working mom to two rowdy kids. Originally from Guilford, CT, she eventually made her way down the shoreline to settle in Fairfield County with her husband. In the little spare time she has, Jenna enjoys true crime podcasts and running.
A girl drinking a class of water.

My Six-Year-Old Is Not Getting a Stanley

The trendy thing, the hot new item, the status symbol. These are not new concepts. Millennials had the white Louis Vuitton shoulder bag (fake from Canal Street because we were 13), then before kids, the...
A mother holding her baby on the phone.

Moms You’ll Meet in Your Local Facebook Mom Group

Your town, city, or county undoubtedly has at least one Facebook mom group. These mom groups can be sectioned off by location, interests, or due dates. As a mom group veteran, you start to...
Running a race in the early morning hours.

The Perks of Being a Marathon Mama

In case you are one of the five people in the tri-state area that I forgot to tell, I ran a marathon this fall. That’s right. I am an official marathon mama. 26.2 magnet...
A toddler boy sitting on a bridge on a trail.

The First of the Lasts

My youngest child is about to turn four. The first last toddler year. This is the first of the lasts for the babies in my family, and each milestone is bittersweet. While I love the...
J House Greenwich

Girls’ Night Staycation at The J House Greenwich

What's better than a girls' getaway? A getaway that doesn't require a plane or train. The J House Greenwich recently hosted me and a fellow contributor for an amazing staycation. From the moment I arrived,...
A family watching a movie together.

Millennial Movies From the 80s and 90s for Your Next Movie Night

The 80s and 90s were a golden age for kids' movies. Millennial moms and dads had amazing Disney classics, live-action, and animated gems. Here are a few movies that stand the test of time. The...
A woman eating a handful of almonds.

Almond Moms Revisited

I, like many other millennials, grew up with an almond mom. A mom who was always on a diet, constantly commented about food or bodies, and influenced my eating growing up. We all make...
A mother looking at her son.

Summer FOMO as a Working Mom: Breaking the Cycle

Summer is underway, and social media has no shortage of summertime activity recommendations, recipes, summer bucket lists, and family vacations. As a full-time working mom, I get Summer FOMO. My schedule has not changed....
A woman shopping for kids' clothes.

Crossing the Aisle: Target Reminds Me the Baby Stage Is Behind Me

Like the suburban mom I am, I found myself on a Saturday afternoon at Target. We needed dryer sheets, so obviously, I was making my rounds from women's clothes to shoes and then onto...
A woman with her head down on her desk.

What if I Don’t Want to Lean In?

I love being a working mom. Having a career and a life outside of raising my children is something I value. Despite all this, I wholly reject the idea of "leaning in."  Women in the...