10 Benefits of a Yoga Mindfulness Retreat for Moms

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As a busy mom, all we want is a space to slow down, find peace, and re-energize. We need a pause from busy schedules and overloaded to-do lists to allow ourselves time to breathe. As mamas, it is easy to lose sight of who we are and miss out on that inner connection with ourselves, as well as meaningful connections with others.

What if we had the opportunity to discover our potential within and guide ourselves to our highest path and truest nature while also connecting with other moms who are going through the same things? Woman doing outdoor yoga.

This is totally possible and not just a pipe dream! It’s called a wellness retreat, specifically catered to moms of littles who are navigating everything from balancing work and motherhood. There are tons of benefits to taking time off to be truly off the grid. It’s true, mom guilt can have you saying no. But some retreats like Wanderlust Family Retreats actually make space for your kiddos in a safe environment that both supports you in your wellness journey and takes care of them in close proximity to you. 

Here are ten benefits of attending a retreat catered specifically to moms!

1. Reconnecting with yourself.

Being in a retreat setting, away from all of the noise, allows you stillness and space to revisit who you are as a person. Away from everyone calling you “mom,” changing diapers, and doing endless loads of laundry, discover who you are in the present moment. Allowing you this space to re-energize while being amongst like-minded fellow moms can do wonders for your mental health. A woman meditating.

2. Reflecting on motherhood.

You’ll be able to spend time thinking about how motherhood has changed your life. What lessons has it taught you? What challenges has it brought? What joy does it have? Where do you ultimately see your journey further into motherhood taking you? You’ll have the space to journal all of your thoughts and feelings while also having the opportunity to talk with other moms so you can gain a sense of community and understanding. Sharing your experiences with others can give you new perspectives and insights.

3. Creating new healthy habits.

Spend time looking at your current daily routine (or lack of, as a sleep-deprived mom of young kiddos) and focus on what habits you can easily incorporate into your life that will bring value to your well-being. Keep the momentum going when you return home. And don’t forget to explore boundary settings! It’s easy to fall back to being a “yes mom.” We encourage you to lean into your retreat experience and really envision what your life looks like outside of it. Again, talking with other fellow moms about what they find helpful can open your mind to things you may not have thought of before. Healthy eating cups.

4. Discovering something new.

Use the opportunity of a retreat to embrace moments that take you outside of your comfort zone. That could be anything from sharing and processing your feelings to practicing a new form of yoga like Kundalini. In a retreat setting, you may find you’re more likely to try new things and awaken a sense of strength and adventure you didn’t realize you had. You might even start to ask questions you were afraid to ask and as a result, discover new things about yourself. 

5. Learning to quiet your inner critic.

As moms, it is easy to compare yourself to others and feel like you’re falling short. Use a retreat as a time to reevaluate everything that you do and the love that it brings to your family. You are the perfect mother for your children and were destined to be in their lives for a reason. Connecting with other attendees is therapeutic in this process, as is talking with the women who are hosting the retreat. Typically, they founded the retreat you’re experiencing because they needed that support and saw a space to create it. A mother and daughter doing yoga together.

6. Refilling your cup.

You are tired mama, we get it. Let someone else make your meals and plan your day flawlessly without any thought. This will give you the opportunity to voice any new experiences you hope to gain without feeling overwhelmed by all of the other duties you would normally be doing. And having childcare options on-site won’t make you feel like you’re too far away while also getting the time you need for yourself. Use that time to rest. Gasp, you could even take a nap! But remember, self-care is not just being able to take a shower or eat a meal quietly – these are necessities of life. A retreat will take your self-care needs up a notch, addressing all of your needs through a holistic lens. 

7. Gaining more self-confidence.

You feel seen, heard, and cared for. You realize that your body is signaling to you what it needs throughout each day — things we too often don’t pay attention to. Your mind, body, and soul matter. Distraction-free, you’ll be able to challenge your negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations. You’ll also see how many accomplishments you’ve achieved that you may have just shrugged off. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn something new in the experience itself. By taking this time, you’re telling yourself that you deserve this self-care, and slowly, your confidence will begin to rebuild. 

8. Meeting other moms.

Connect with other moms who are in this same season of life. You can leave having made lifelong friends. Share your own personal experiences with one another. Processing through discussions with others you can relate to also brings out emotions authentically and without judgment. A support system is everything, and a mama-focused retreat will give you that and so much more. Woman enjoying an outdoor lunch.

9. It also benefits your loved ones.

When you show up as your best, your loved ones also get to have that version of you. Self-care is not selfish. It supports you to be the best version of yourself and be your authentic self. Once you return, your family and friends will see how important this process is in your journey, as well as in theirs. They might also realize how much you do in case they were taking you and started taking you for granted. Additionally, you may just inspire them to take bold action with their own self-care needs. Mental health is important for all, especially to be on the same page in a family unit.

10. Sparking creativity.

Retreats are a time for clarity and reflection. When the mind has stillness, amazing things can happen. You may find yourself with new creative ideas that are just flowing, especially when you receive ample time in nature. Spending time in nature tends to reduce anxiety, which oftentimes takes up way too much brain space. With this release, you have so much more room for creative ideas inspired by your time in nature – even if it’s not directly related. 

Attending a retreat will leave you feeling inspired and transformed as Wanderlust Family Retreats creates an environment supporting mamas to show up at their best, allow space to take a break from busy schedules, and just breathe. This is truly an investment in yourself that will stay with you throughout your life.

This is especially helpful if you’re struggling to find a balance between work, motherhood, and self-care, and feeling guilty for taking time away from your children to focus on yourself; you’re not alone.

AND they host wellness retreats for moms and their kids. It’s perfect for the busy mom who wants self-care time but without the mom guilt of leaving her child behind.

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