I Am Sick and Tired of Being Sick


A sick family sitting on the couch. I need to vent. 

I know my family is not the only ones going through this season of life. I know that things could be far worse. I am thankful for modern medicine, healthcare providers who care about my children, and a husband who is a true partner in taking sick days with the kids. With all that being said…

I am sick and tired of being sick! 

My thirteen-month-old spent her first Thanksgiving with RSV. She spent her first Christmas with coxsackie. We all spent her first birthday with COVID! Pepper in a few ear infections for her and her big sisters, the stomach bug for my oldest, and now strep for myself and my husband. I would like to tap out. I. AM. DONE.

Again, I know we are not the only ones. I write this with a collective displeasure of all parents going through these last months of back-to-back illnesses. 

In my attempt to try to find the bright side, I will add that the majority of our issues have been remedied with antibiotics, extra hydration, cuddles, and a few extra days at home in our pajamas. But it just seems that the second we are all back up and running, someone starts with a cough that just doesn’t sound right or the ear tugging is a bit too consistent just to be an itch. 

We have found a few sick day habits that seem to help everyone feel a little bit better when they really not feeling well, but I would really like to table these things for a time far, far away from now.

1. Drink up!

My kids are typically very good water drinkers, and we never have much else in the house, but when they are under the weather, they sometimes struggle to get down the necessary amount of fluids. We’ll offer whatever they’ll drink, whether it’s Gatorade, Pedialyte, or some juice, just to get them drinking.

2. Snacks and more snacks.

Like drinking, when they’re sick, my usually wonderful eaters tend to back away from meals and want just to snack. I am good with that, as long as they are eating something. We stock up on popsicles, crackers, and toast, but sometimes Goldfish are really what they’re craving. I tend to worry less about having well-balanced meals, and am ok with them snacking on things that make them feel better.

3. No limits on screen time.

We are a pretty low to no-screen household. All that goes out the window when the girls are sick. If they want to watch episodes of Bluey on repeat, it is good with me. Rest is most important – and I love Bluey, too. 

4. Go for a swim.

My girls love the water, and when they’re sick, they love to swim in a warm tub or steamy shower. We have been known to take a few tubs a day at the height of their illnesses, and they soak until they are prunes. It seems to help them relax, help with temperatures and stuffy noses, and is a good way to waste some time during a long day at home. 

While it seems that everyone I know has been sick these last six months or so, there must be an end in sight. As we near warmer weather, I can only hope that with the exit of this mild winter with it will go all the germs that seem to be infiltrating our homes. Though it feels good to vent, it will sure feel a whole lot better just to be well.

Have you and your family been battling all the things this season? How have you managed not to lose your mind while caring for everyone? 


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