Transitioning to Big Kid Food


A plate of big kid food.My daughter is only six weeks away from her first birthday, and while she is still a baby, she is growing up so fast! It really hit me when I started giving her more than just purées and adding our table food to her meals.

When my son was her age, I constantly researched recipes and ages when little ones could be given certain foods. While I’m still very aware of what not to feed my daughter yet (honey, strawberries, citrus), I’m much more lenient with letting her try finger foods.

Here are some of our favorite toddler and baby-approved meals.

My daughter will try anything; when she doesn’t like it, she’ll let us know! I started cutting up fruit for her when I gave it to my son. She loves cut-up watermelon, peaches, and blueberries.

She loves snacking on Baby Mum-Mums, Cheerios, and teething biscuits.

I made penne with a great homemade sauce and made some orzo to let my daughter try it. She loved it! I also made eggplant and bean ‘meatballs.’ Anything in our house that is in pancake, ball, or burger shape is quickly gobbled up. I cut it in half and gave it to her, and she couldn’t get enough.

I’m learning the second time around that being more lenient and adventurous is great for all involved. I also think our eating habits have changed significantly since before children, so it’s been a more seamless transition.

I make kid-friendly dinners, so now, instead of having to make three separate meals, I can make only one that everyone enjoys. While I am still giving my daughter purees (my freezer is still stocked), I love that I ow also add some variety and textures to her diet.

What are some go-to recipes for your young children?


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