The Best Age


A mom talking with her tween.I remember how hard it was to get back to work after having my first child twelve years ago. My daughter had just turned nine months old, and I thought, but this is the BEST age! She was developing her own personality, learning to walk, and finding her voice. It was hard because I wanted to savor every moment, and I felt like I would miss out on the best stages of her development.

As a woman working full-time outside the home, I had to learn to cherish our time together and stay present in those moments.    

An amazing thing happened. As she grew, I realized that while I thought that babyhood was the most enjoyable stage, I was wrong. 

As my daughter has grown from an infant into a crawler, a toddler, and then eventually went off to school, every month, every year has been the BEST

Have they all been different? Yes. But they’ve also been equally wonderful, challenging, and full of surprises. 

We’ve shed some of the not-so-great things along the way. I can sleep more now; she sleeps later than me most weekends if given the chance. I’m no longer setting up play dates for her, and she’s in charge of most of her social calendar. She researches which activities she wants to try and brings them to me. I no longer pick out her clothing; she puts outfits together and sometimes helps me decide what to wear!  

Seeing my baby transform into a tween has been an amazing ride. While the days seem fleeting and the babies grow up so fast, for me, realizing that every stage of her life will be the BEST and embracing that has helped me stay present and excited for what’s to come. I love the girl my baby has become and can not wait to see the woman she’ll be one day. 


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