5 Daily Practices to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Relationship


A couple having a fun conversation.I get it! With busy twin 4-year-olds, my husband and I are in the thick of parenting! I’ve learned that staying connected to your partner requires consistent effort and attention.

Here are five daily practices that my husband and I do (almost) every day to help foster and maintain a connection.

1. Quality Time

We set aside dedicated time each day to spend with one another without distractions. It could be having a meal together, taking a walk, or simply sitting down to talk and connect at the end of the day. The key is to focus on each other and engage in meaningful conversation or shared activities, even for only five minutes.

2. Active Listening

We practice active listening when the other is speaking. We give our full attention, maintain eye contact, and show genuine interest in what the other is saying. We reflect on their feelings and thoughts to demonstrate understanding and validate their experiences.

3. Affectionate Gestures

Small acts of affection go a long way in maintaining connection. I am not talking full-on make-out sessions here! It’s a hug, a gentle touch, a kiss, or a loving note, expressing physical and verbal affection throughout the day. It helps us reinforce emotional bonds and reminds each other of our love and appreciation for one another.

4. Express Gratitude

We make it a daily practice each day to express gratitude for each other. Verbalize what we appreciate about the other, whether it’s their support, kindness, sense of humor or any other qualities we cherish or have made a difference in that specific day. Cultivating a habit of gratitude has fostered positivity and strengthened our bond since starting this daily practice.

5. Check-In Rituals

This is essential! We are both so busy with work, kids, household responsibilities, etc., that we recently established daily check-in rituals to connect on a deeper level. Usually coupled with quality time, we consciously ask open-ended questions about each other’s day, sharing our highs and lows or discussing any challenges or successes we’ve encountered. Regularly checking in lets us stay attuned to each other’s lives and emotions.

The key is consistency and authenticity in these daily practices. Find what works best for you and your partner, adapting these suggestions to your unique relationship dynamics and preferences. By making these daily efforts, you can nurture and deepen your connection with your partner over time, trust me, it works!


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