Decision Fatigue as an Abundance Lover


decision fatigue

  • What should I wear?
  • Where should we go today with the kids?
  • What book do I read next?
  • What’s for dinner?
  • Should I save this item or get rid of it?

The questions go on and on, and frankly, I have “decision fatigue.” The average adult manages approximately 35,000 decisions each day, or one decision every two seconds! Big or small, these decisions add up and take a toll on our mental health.

Recently I was at an author meet and greet with author of the Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin. I had never heard of “decision fatigue” until then, but as she described it, specifically with how it relates to organization, I finally understood why I am surrounded by piles of papers, books, and toys. As a mom, “decision fatigue” hits hard when it comes to cleaning and decluttering my house.

I am exhausted from making the necessary daily decisions to keep my family going, and have let my lack of outer order affect my inner calm.

The root of my issue is that I love stuff and I am a closet hoarder. I get pleasure in keeping things, like pretty multi-colored Post-its and pens, as well as every t-shirt I’ve ever owned. (Don’t believe me? Come to my basement!). It stems from my mom, who grew up in a Depression-like situation, and is a master hoarder. Rubin calls people like me Abundance Lovers, to remove any shame.

As an Abundance Lover, I enjoy being surrounded by all my stuff so I can appreciate it. The downside is that sometimes my stuff starts to suffocate me.

However, now that I’ve named my habit and understand the root of it, I find myself having less decision fatigue regarding my clutter. Sadly, that doesn’t mean my house is any cleaner! 

Are you an Abundance Lover too?

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Maria Sette
Maria is a full-time mom, teacher, wife, daughter, and sister, who feels pulled in too many directions! Her older son Michael took over 24 hours to be born, and at six-months-old was diagnosed with allergies to dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, shrimp, and wheat…all after exclusively nursing because she was SO SURE that would help him be a healthy kid. Luckily at age 1, he began to outgrow some of his allergies. Fingers crossed the others will soon follow because that plus a husband who doesn’t eat any veggies and Maria always battling her weight makes for three meals to prepare every night. Luckily, Christopher, her younger son, is a cooperative eater! As someone who has always been committed to making positive change, Maria uses her privilege and position as an educator and mom to work toward a most anti-racisit, equitibile, and inclusive world. Recently, Maria has even started getting up at 5am to workout in her basement. (Thank you pandemic living!) She is addicted to reading chicklit on her Kindle app in the dark, most Trader Joe’s products, and watching TikToks.


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