Early Birds: A 6 P.M. Bedtime


A mom kissing her daughter before tucking her in.We will (likely) always be the “early to bed, early to rise” family. Currently, my girls have a 6 p.m. bedtime, and they have since they were introduced to their own room.

It’s the time of evening that works for us, and I find that regardless of their “downtime,” they’re up at the crack of dawn. I’m much more comfortable as an early bird and less than thrilled when experiences lead me to being a temporary night owl.

I like my morning coffee, the calm of a new day, and time cuddled up with my girls before we jump into the hustle and bustle of our day.

Since becoming a parent, I’ve recognized that I value the time in the evening to get things done rather than throughout the day. I can clean and tie up any loose ends from the workday, implement self-care practices, chat with friends, and stare at the wall. The list is endless!

As my oldest has recently turned three, I’ve been questioned by others about her “bedtime.” Unsolicited advice, regardless of intention, will always be perplexing to me. People are curious and, in truth, in disbelief that she goes to bed so early.

It’s funny to me in some ways, and I do find myself feeling irritated at times. Who cares when she goes to bed? She exists for herself, and right now, she is under my guidance. What does it truly matter?

That said, I’ve offered for her to “stay up” or spend time outside her room with me as her sister sleeps. But she’s tired! She asks to lie in her bed, and I know she is comforted by her sister’s presence and ready for dreamland.

Watching my girls fall into their sleep so effortlessly has also made me rethink my own evening routine. I’d love to gain more control over my evenings, so I have been implementing healthy practices to support this.

I plan for the day ahead, tidy up, and choose a self-care experience (read, journal, sit outside, etc). This has greatly influenced my ability to fully commit to getting off to sleep promptly.

Do your kiddos have a “bedtime”? What are your self-care practices before bed?


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