Educational Websites for Kids


A girl playing a game on the computer.Tired of feeling the screen time guilt? I know I am! We must remember that some amazing resources are at our children’s fingertips that will teach them valuable skills and knowledge. Screens aren’t always bad! I have compiled a list of some of my favorite educational websites to help your child learn!


Starfall: Starfall is a tried and true website used in classrooms for decades! It helps students learn their letters in a highly engaging, colorful, and fun way. It’s free and easy to use!

ABCMouse: ABC Mouse is a subscription-based program designed to fully prepare your child for reading. When your child begins, they take a placement test that will allow their assignments to be differentiated based on their skill level. It follows along a learning path to keep your child motivated to keep moving!

Lexia: Lexia is another subscription-based program that focuses on phonics, phonemic awareness, letters, sounds, segmenting, and blending sounds. It is also based on your child’s skill level and gets harder as your child completes tasks successfully. Lexia is a must-have in my Kindergarten classroom!

Epic: A free reading website with any book, any level, any topic, for anyone! I love Epic because it includes many fan-favorite children’s books at their level. 

RAZ Kids: Earn some stars for your RAZ rocket! In this incentive-based program, students read books and earn stars. As they earn more stars, they go into their RAZ rocket and buy accessories. It is highly motivating and exciting for students. It is also based on skill level and individualized per child. 

Storyline Online: Looking for a free website to listen to some of your favorite stories? Storyline Online is fun because famous actors read aloud stories and animate them to make them more exciting!

Vooks: Similar to Storyline Online, Vooks is a free website to listen to various stories. Anything to help little readers thrive!


Splashlearn: What child doesn’t like games? Splashlearn is a huge hit at home and in my classroom because students don’t even realize they are learning! Games are highly engaging and fun for all learners. 

XtraMath: Math facts made easy! We could all use some extra math fact practice. This website tracks students’ progress and gives students math facts to practice daily.

Cool Math Games: The name of the website says it all!

Adapted Mind: Their motto is, “We turn real math into a delightful game.” What is unique about Adapted Mind is that they provide targeted help for specific skills with over 15,000 explanation videos. 

Various Subjects

Khan Academy: Boost your child’s learning using Kahn Academy. Kahn personalizes your students’ experience to make it fitting for them. Thousands of classrooms around the world use Khan, and it is trusted by parents and teachers. Sign up for specific courses or a grade level and allow Khan to do the rest!

Adventure Academy: Games meets school! This is a subscription-based website that has over 4000+ activities! It tracks your child’s progress and reports on how they are doing. An exciting adventure online!

Brain Pop: Connect deeply to a variety of topics using Brain Pop. BP has thousands of videos that are relatable, entertaining, and easy to understand. Just search the topic and explore!

Enjoy exploring and discovering all that is available at your fingertips. Your children are bound to have fun while learning using these educational websites. Then, share your experiences! What do you like? Which ones are your favorites? We can’t wait to hear!

Happy learning!


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