Embracing a $3 Water Bottle


A woman holding a water bottle.I’m done buying $25+ water bottles.

We have Stanleys and Cirkuls, Gatorade and Simple Modern, and many others. 

Or, as I should say, we used to have all of these.

Like socks, water bottles have been disappearing at an alarming rate. I’ll head to the large drawer in our kitchen where they’re supposed to be kept and find mismatched tops and bottoms and straws that don’t seem to fit anything in our collection. We’re constantly scrambling to find complete sets before school and sports practices.

My middle schoolers, naturally, tend to be partial to the overpriced and trendy options. And if they’d like to spend their babysitting money on those luxuries, they’re welcome to do so.

However, $25-$40 a pop, replacing lost water bottles regularly, is not how I’d like to use my hard-earned money, even if the more expensive ones keep the water extra cold. 

Here’s my new strategy: $3 water bottles by Path.

These can often be found at gas stations. They’re made of aluminum, come with only two parts (bottle and screw-on cap), and are both refillable and recyclable. At $3 each, my blood pressure will remain intact when they’re inevitably left in a classroom or on a field. If they get damaged, I’ll toss them into the recycling bin. 

I am over the overpriced water bottle craze and thrilled to have found something sturdy, earth-friendly, and ultimately inexpensive.

How about you? Do you have a water bottle policy at your house? Do the various parts (lids/straws/etc) drive you crazy? 


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