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“Explore Fairfield County” is an informational series that provides a glimpse into the wonderful towns and cities in Fairfield County. Fairfield County is diverse, including big cities, small suburbs, beaches, farms, and busy highways. It covers a large geographic area and, because of this, it has a lot to offer families! To help you get the most out of Fairfield County, our contributors have shared the top things they love about each local area. To read more in this series, click here.

Shelton has a lot going on! Although I don’t live in Shelton, I’ve traveled there for many different activities over the years and have watched the business offerings grow so much in just a few short years. Below is a round-up of the highlights that Shelton has to offer.   

1. Shelton Pride

The city of Shelton is on the Eastern edge of Fairfield County and is nestled between Stratford, Trumbull, Monroe, Seymour, Derby, Orange, and Milford. The population is approximately 41,000.

Shelton is a city with a lot of pride. Orange and Black pride, to be exact. Shelton is home to the Gaels and Galettes, and orange and black is where it’s at. In addition, Shelton residents celebrate and are passionate about their school sports teams and local theater. So whether it’s at a Shelton High football game or downtown on Shelton Day, you’ll surely see local residents proudly sporting their orange and black attire. 

2. Home of the Wiffle Ball 

Did you know that Shelton is home to the wiffle ball? It was invented by a Fairfield family in 1953, and the factory is still located in Shelton. More than 60 million wiffle balls have been purchased, most of which were manufactured in Shelton. Check out their official rules for the game; it’s something fun for adults and kids!  

3. The Farms

Shelton has several family-friendly farms, including Jones, Fairview, Beardsley, and Wells Hollow

Jones Family Farm is a great place to cut down your own Christmas tree, pick your own berries, harvest pumpkins, and enjoy a glass of wine and some live music. 

Fairview Tree Farm is another local farm where you can cut down your own Christmas tree. Fairview hosts Legends of Fear each fall, with haunted hayrides and trails. A favorite amongst the bravest tween and teen groups! 

Beardsley’s Cider Mill and Orchard is a wonderful place to pick your own apples, grab an apple cider donut, get some fresh apple cider, or pick up a delicious homemade pie. You can also find the White Hills Distillery here, a farm-to-flask distillery open Memorial Day through Christmas.  

Finally, Wells Hollow Farm has a great creamery where you can taste delicious homemade ice cream while enjoying their farm animals.

4. Dining

There are a ton of options to grab a quick bite or plan a night out in Shelton. The Chik-fil-A on Bridgeport Avenue is a fast food favorite for my kids. We stop there or pop into Red Lotus for some delicious sushi after hitting up the newly opened Homegoods.    

Thanks to the growth over the past few years, that whole strip is full of great sit-down options. From Marketplace to Little Barn all the way down to Wild Kanji for hibachi and everything in between, there’s something for every taste.       

5. Unique Shops

A great hidden gem for unique gifts or their signature UPF50 towels is Shelton’s own Salt n Rays. They’ve also recently stocked their store with clothing perfect for a trendy mom on the go. Another unique shop is the Shelton Gift Boutique, which showcases over 60 different crafters! 

6. Sweet Treats for the Family 

For a sweet treat, our family favorite is Donut Crazy. They offer a wide variety of gourmet donuts, from sweet to savory, so there’s something for everyone! If donuts aren’t your thing, there’s the always popular Sugar Rush, which is great for an over-the-top ice cream experience, perfect for a special celebration, where they boast a kid-friendly environment.   

Dave’s Gourmet Paletas opened in Shelton in 2022 and serves up colorful, homemade ice cream and fresh fruit treats on a stick. These Mexican ice pops are made from fresh, natural fruits and rich, creamy ingredients like chocolate and pistachio. They can be customized to just the way you want them.    

If you’re looking for delicious coffee and Italian pastries straight from Arthur Avenue, then Caffe Italia is the place to go. They offer coffee, food, and even catering.   

7. Activities for Kids 

Sports Center of Connecticut offers many things to do to keep the little (and big) ones entertained year-round. From ice skating and hockey to laser tag and miniature golf, the Sports Center is where it’s at. In addition, they have an arcade, batting cages, a driving range, and a miniature bowling alley, which is great for those little hands.

If painting and getting messy is preferred, the Giggling Pig is a great option! As a family-friendly art studio, they offer birthday parties and host classes and camps year-round. 

8. Concerts on the Green

Summer in Shelton doesn’t just mean school is out; it means concerts on the Huntington Green. Shelton’s “Music Under the Stars” is a series of free concerts that start in June and continues until the end of August. Concerts are family-friendly, with locals sprawled out on big blankets and lawn chairs. And ice cream trucks are sure to make an appearance. 

9. Nature and the Outdoors

Shelton has a beautiful backyard of trees, nature, and foliage. The Shelton Trails are well-kept, lush, and perfect whether you’re taking a leisurely walk or running. In addition, Shelton offers a dog park and has great hiking trails at Indian Well State Park.

10. Farmers Market 

From May through October, Shelton’s Farmers’ Market is open each Saturday along the Housatonic River. It offers stands with various produce and goods from local farms and vendors.  

Have you visited Shelton? Do you live here? What do you love about it?

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