Don’t Be That Flaky Friend


Friends sitting with their arms around one another.It’s been said many times that adulting is hard, and add kids into the mix, and it gets even more challenging! But one thing that’s not hard is showing up for the people in your life.

If you’re like me, you know or have even been that person who makes plans with all intention of following through, and sometimes when the time comes to do so, it’s the last thing you feel like doing.

That’s when the choice comes into play. Will you show up, or will you become that flaky friend? I will do almost anything NOT to flake on a commitment, so instead, I’m honest about my time. 

Can I balance meeting a friend for a walk and all the other things in my day? Will I really want to drive 30 minutes to meet a group of dear friends for dinner on the only night my family will all be home together?

I’ve learned over the years that it’s better to be honest about your time and how you commit it than always to say yes (or even worse, maybe) and then have to bail last minute.

Saying no or finding something you know will work for you is ok; it may even strengthen your friendships. Reliable friends are something every mom needs. Be that to someone, and you may get it in return.

Are you a flaky friend? How do you show up?

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Alison G
Alison lives in Trumbull with her husband, dog Hazel and two daughters (2011 and 2015).   Although Alison grew up in the warmth of Ft. Myers, FL, she returned to New York immediately after graduating college. During her nearly ten years in Manhattan, Alison built a career and an amazing network of lifelong friends. She met her husband and was married there as well. When it was time for more space, they moved up the line to Stamford and then settled in Trumbull ten years ago. Some of Alison's favorite things are traveling, finding adventures, reading, and staying connected to family and friends.


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