Fun Activities to Do With Your Teenager


Investing in your relationship with your child is highly important regardless of age. However, bonding may not always come easy, especially when it’s with your teenager. At this stage of life, teens enjoy their independence and freedom to do activities with their friends or on their own. They don’t need their parent’s constant direction and guidance, so it can be easy to let meaningful quality time slip away with your teenager.

As parents, we can all use a little inspiration for fun activities with our teenagers from time to time. That said, I recently asked a group of my teenager’s friends what activities they enjoyed doing most with their parents, and here is what they shared. You might find some of their answers surprising.  

1. Watching a favorite show together consistently. 

Whether it’s a new or old TV series, having a show to laugh about and get into together is fun.

2. Baking

This doesn’t have to be just for the holidays. Spontaneous baking for the sake of having fun together creates memories.

3. Shopping

This can be the local mall or a day trip to a place you don’t visit often. Downtown Westport is a favorite!

4. Hiking and Biking 

A hiking venture, biking through the neighborhood, or finding a new trail to explore can be so much fun.

5. Ice Cream Tour

Visit a new ice cream shop each week and try new flavors. Here are some Fairfield County favorites.

6. Volunteer Together 

Serving together is a very special way to bond. Whether it be a local food pantry or making cards for the elderly in a nursing home. There are plenty of ways to help others.

7. Reading Together

Books or magazines. Either relaxed on the couch or sitting by the pool.

8. Video Games

Even if it’s not your thing, video games can be a time to sit with your teen, have some friendly competition and ask questions about the game.

9. Driving Range 

You don’t even have to be a good golfer!

10. Late Night Errands

Especially if it’s to Walmart or 24-hour Walgreens for junk food and a movie!

Sometimes planning is necessary, but it can be even more fun when activities are spontaneous. Either way, make time for it. Reserve a spot on your calendar for individual time with each of your children, especially your teens. They may not show their appreciation now, but it will surely benefit both of you in the future.

What are some activities you enjoy doing with your teenager?


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