5 Fun Summer Camp Movies to Watch with Your Kids


A family eating popcorn and watching a movie. Summer camp movies are a perfect summer pastime to add to the summer bucket list. They bring a sense of nostalgia and a waft of sun tan lotion to mosquito-filled evenings. They are a quintessential summer movie embarking on the exploration of a childhood rite of passage.

These five family-friendly picks will transport the entire family to that carefree moment in time. After all, what is there not to like about bunk beds, mess halls, food fights, hammocks, new friendships, first loves, choreographed music routines, and lake living?

1. Camp

Set slightly before the Glee craze, this lovable coming-of-age comedy is about a camp of misfit toys that find their groove at an extremely talented musical summer camp. Features a great early Anna Kendrick credit.

2. Troop Beverly Hills

A classic 80’s comedy with musical numbers. Comedy ensues when a socialite and soon-to-be Beverly Hills divorcee decides to take over her daughter’s girl scout troop.

3. The Parent Trap  

You need to watch the original 60’s movie with Hayley Mills! Two teenage sisters separated at birth mistakenly meet at summer camp. They scheme and swap places to reunite their divorced parents. A re-watch of this 60’s classic will give you all the feels.

4. Moonrise Kingdom

A coming-of-age Wes Anderson drama. Two twelve-year-olds fall in love and run away with each other to the wilderness.

5. Dirty Dancing

The subject matter is more suitable for teens. This iconic and classic dance movie follows “Baby,” who spends the summer with her parents at a holiday camp in the Catskills. She falls in love with the resort’s dance instructor.

What are your favorite summer camp movies to watch with the family? 


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