Growing our “Framily”


Two best friends taking care of a baby.As a solo mama, I can easily enforce my independence. I’m quick to decline a helping hand and often do things the hard way to avoid asking anyone for help. I know this quality isn’t unique to me, so for the mamas who tough it out and do it on their own, I see you and stand in solidarity.

After the birth of my second daughter this year, I realized the value of everyday connections and developed a newfound appreciation for our “framily.”

What is a “framily” you ask? They’re the friends you’ve grown up with. The ones who love your kids almost as much as you do. The friends who don’t ask if you’d like help, they just…help.

They’re the people who play with your toddler so you can console the baby, the people who pretend they’re mercats and crocodiles when they take your kiddo for a swim. They are the people who, outside of my immediate family, keep me grounded. They remind me that I’m not actually “alone” on this journey.

They’re there for a late-night text about something ridiculous my kid did during the day. They are there to listen to general frustrations or concerns. They also recognize that parenting is hard, and they don’t let me escape having a night out without the kids!

I could never fully express how much it means to have them. And even more so, how much it will mean to my kids as they grow. Knowing they are loved and supported by people who want to be there, the very best of our friends turned family.

Do you have a Framily? Please feel free to share some meaningful memories and tag your besties! Life is better spent with the people who choose to show up.


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