In My Gardening Era


A woman gardening.I am a self-proclaimed gardening girlie.

Though I’m more of a seafoam green or celadon at this point, I am working hard towards that proud emerald green thumb!
I have always loved having flowers and things growing around my yard. My potted plant game is typically strong most months of the year. Pansies in the spring and large mums in the fall. My pots of fresh herbs have grown strong, and though I don’t always use all their bounty, growing and tending to my plants has always brought me so much happiness. It is therapeutic to watch your hard work grow into something tangible.

This year, though, I am stepping up my game. I am entering my gardening era!

I am expanding my repertoire to include vegetables and flowers and moving beyond potted plants to real-life, a grown-up garden – and boy; I am so excited!

I recently ordered and assembled two garden beds in my full-sun backyard that will hopefully soon be home to beds of dahlias, zinnias, and sunflowers. In the fall, I cleaned up the garden beds around my house and filled the soil with daffodil, tulip, and crocus bulbs. I already have plans for the following year to try peonies, as they are in my top three favorite blooms

I have zero expectations of a perfect garden, but I am ready for the pops of color to explode around my house in the coming months

My pots will still be lining my back patio, filled with zucchini, cucumber, pepper, tomato, and carrot seeds. I decided to step out of my comfort zone of only cherry tomatoes and basil this year, so we’ll see if my vegetables grow and I can consider my house a farm-to-table dining experience.
I have been heavily influenced by some of my favorite Instagram gardeners, and I am consuming their content while taking notes about seed starting, soil quality, how best to tend and cut flowers, and how to enjoy the beauty that will hopefully be growing in my backyard this spring and summer. While my explore page is 90% gardening accounts these days, I am going into this growing season excited to learn what works for me and my hardiness zone (6b), what will be an epic flop, and to hopefully grow some gorgeous flowers and vegetables to gift to friends and family.

What are you growing this spring, and what are your tips as I embark on my gardening era?


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