Easy-Peasy Gardening


A woman holding a basket of herbs grown in a home garden.I love gardening. By the end of February, I will absolutely yearn to spend my evenings in the garden, tending to plants. It’s done wonders for my mental health, and I consider it my happy place.

Sometimes, life gets busy. Additionally, we like to go away on vacation at the end of winter when I should be starting seeds. I always support my local nurseries and buy my starter plants or seeds. But there are a few garden staples that I consider “set it and forget it plants.”

Here are the best plants that require zero effort and come back year after year, making gardening easy-peasy.


When I see the chives pop up at the beginning of March, I start doing my little happy dance. Plant once and reap year after year. Additionally, chives are the first sign of freshness added to my food, even if they are only a garnish.


Mint is typically the second thing I see in the garden in early March. It is also probably the hardiest herb you will ever buy. I always recommend planting this one in a large pot as it is SUPER invasive. However, the appearance of mint will make you dream of mint lemonades and mojitos in the hammock.


Asparagus was the first vegetable on my list. I never realized how incredibly easy it is to grow. You plant a piece of the root and just let it go. Every year, you can reap more and more with zero effort. I believe these would also do well in pots on a deck.


We planted one tiny stick that resembled a Charlie Brown Christmas tree a few years ago, and now we’re blessed with what feels like a forest of blackberry plants. While I would like to note that they’re pretty invasive, I feel like it’s a price I’ll pay to reduce the cost of berries I pay each week.


The final garden item on the list may not be edible, but it brings me so much joy. As soon as I see the tulips popping up in mid-March, I know spring is near, which puts a pep in my step.

Growing a garden does not have to be a burden. So many options require minimal work, and you can reap results for years to come.

What are your favorite easy garden additions?


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