To Gender Reveal or Not


gender reveal“Surprise!” It’s a BOY! It’s a GIRL!

Some of us may be keen on the idea of waiting until the birth of a child to reveal the gender, and some of us like to find out as soon as we can. 

For myself, I had my first daughter ten years ago, back in 2011. I do not remember gender reveals being a “big thing.” As a matter of fact, it was assumed we would learn of the gender at birth for my husband and I.

Recently, my husband and I announced the upcoming arrival of our third child. As times have quickly changed, learning the gender can be made possible earlier in pregnancy. 

My husband wanted to find out, but he wanted to receive the news in a fun way. I love the element of a surprise, and I was open to the idea of waiting until the birth. 

As a couple, we decided we would do a small gender reveal party and looked into the many possible options. We had a friend hide a “treasure box” in the sand at the beach for our reveal. We let our daughters dig in the possible areas of the sand for the treasure box to find it. Once they found it, we opened it together as a family to reveal the gender. We had a family member record a video to share it with other family and friends virtually. 

Gender Reveal Ideas

1. One of the most common is the gender reveal cake. An envelope is given to a baker at a local bakery so that when they bake the cake, the filling inside is representative of the gender. Other food baked goods could be cake pops and cookies filled with decorative coloring.

2. A Balloon Pop is when a large, black balloon is filled with either pink or blue confetti and then popped at a party. Silly string and confetti poppers are another big hit. This would involve you asking a friend to order as you may not want to see what the gender is till the big explosion.

3. A Piñata is another way, especially if you are creating the moment with other children to participate in the fun.

Gender reveals can be as simple or elaborate as you wish.

It is fun to involve family and friends and even create guessing games before your actual reveal moment. You can have everyone put their guess in a box and see who was right and wrong. This will help build up the suspense and fun for your crowd.

With knowing the gender early on, you can prepare ahead for your little bundle such as decorating or painting a room pink or blue. It’s also easier to purchase baby clothes! Most of us enjoy shopping for cute baby outfits. As you walk into some children’s clothing stores, you’re faced with either the “girl” or “boy” section of the store. Plus, if you’ve been hoarding all your clothes from your older child, now you’ll know whether they will be hand-me-downs for your upcoming baby or can be given away.

Preparing ahead may work for you, so you are not at the last minute scrambling, except if the baby comes sooner than expected. However, it can also push you into gender stereotypes where you are forcing yourself to decide to have to buy “pink” or “blue.” But be careful, your relatives who love to buy them clothes might overwhelm you with a pink mountain or blue waterfall of baby items. 

Only you know what is best for you and your family if and when you’re ready to divulge the gender during your pregnancy or wait for the big arrival! Good luck and all the best!

What are your thoughts on a gender reveal? Keep it simple or go all out?


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