A Guide to Pediatricians in Fairfield County


A child being examined by a doctor. One of the most frequently asked questions when becoming a new parent or a parent new to the area is; Can anyone recommend a pediatrician they love in the area? Yes! The Fairfield County Mom contributor team has the answers!

We found that there are some pretty standard qualities that moms look for in a practice, such as wait-time, the ability to get an appointment when your child is sick, thorough examinations, a non-alarmist demeanor, feeling heard, and supporting mom’s choices. Here are some of our favorite pediatricians in the area and why we love them.

Dr. Sean Butler, Dr. Robert Landis, & Dr. Neysa McDonald at Pediatric Healthcare Associates {Fairfield, Trumbull, Stratford, & Shelton}

A long-time favorite of local parents! This practice is all-encompassing. From pediatricians with different specialties (infectious disease, sports medicine, endocrinology), lactation consultants, concussion testing and treatment, and even ear piercing! You can find it all at PHA! They have several locations and many providers for your convenience, so you can always get an appointment as needed.

Dr. Marilyn Smith and Dr. John Tsalapatanis at Canterbury Pediatrics {Monroe}

If you’re looking for someone calm and reassuring, look no further than Dr. Smith or Dr. Tsalapatanis. Our contributors believe they are both of these things and make any parent feel much more relaxed during exams. There is also an APRN on staff, and parents love the clean and welcoming office.

Dr. Jane Brotanek and Dr. Anil Britto at Ridgefield Pediatrics {Ridgefield}

They are a compassionate pediatric office of three physicians and two physician assistants (PA) who practice evidence-based medicine. Ridgefield Pediatrics has been a great fit for many families. They truly know the kids and can always fit a patient in. The front office staff is accommodating, and the evening/weekend hours are appreciated by many!

Dr. Meredith Renda & Dr. Christine Macken at Doctors’ Pediatric {Ridgefield & Wilton}

Doctor visits are by appointment only (including Saturday in the Wilton office), and more often than not, expect to be shown to an exam room immediately upon checking in. All of the doctors are thorough, patient, and understanding. When the office is not open, on-call phone calls are responded to immediately. Dr. Renda has been known to go above and beyond and help families navigate medical situations with their children.

Dr. Melanie Georgalas and Dr. Nicholas Mongillo at Pedicare Pediatrics {Shelton}

Pedicare Pediatrics is open seven days a week in Shelton. Amazing evidence-based physicians with years of experience. They’re good for run-of-the-mill things, rare diseases, and other concerns. They are humorous and very good at helping new parents alleviate fears and anxiety. 

Dr. Leah Sterry at Pediatric Associates of Western Connecticut {Danbury}

Dr. Sterry is recommended for her calming influence on nervous parents. Even with a child with some medical issues, parents can feel confident that Dr. Sterry will never make them nervous while mapping out a plan of action. This practice is a great choice for parents who need reassurance, especially when they suspect the worst! The practice is open late and on weekends, a plus for working parents!

Dr. Andrew Hart and Dr. Maura Angiello-Smith at Stamford Pediatrics {Stamford & Darien}

Dr. Hart approaches his time with patients with humor, which helps anxious kids relax. He remembers each of the three kids and their different personalities. He takes his time and will wait until the end of the check-up to ask if either parent or child has any questions. Dr. Angiello-Smith is kind, caring, and compassionate. She makes everyone in the room feel at ease. There are many other doctors in practice, and all are wonderful! The receptionists are kind and organized, and the nurses are always very good with the kids.

Dr. Alan Morelli and Dr. Elizabeth Cipolla at New England Pediatrics {Stamford & New Canaan}

Both of the New England Pediatrics locations are warm and inviting. They welcome walk-in hours before opening Monday-Friday. The doctors, nurses, and receptionists are all kind and caring. Most importantly, they make the kids feel confident and comfortable talking to the doctors and nurses there, and they always are encouraged to speak up if they have questions. Dr. Morelli is wonderful with making new parents feel confident and comfortable in their new roles. Dr. Cipolla is wonderful at explaining body changes to children entering that phase of their life.

Dr. Kathryn Baker at Baker Pediatrics {Trumbull}

This is a back-to-basics pediatric office with a doctor and APRN running the show. The small practice gives you a personalized feel. The staff is very familiar with the patients and is always responsive to any questions that a parent might have. Everyone in the office consistently exhibits true kindness.

Dr. Paul Juan at Valley Pediatrics {Greenwich}

Many local parents love this office because there is little to no wait time, and appointments are easy to schedule. One of the great things about this practice is that they have walk-in hours each morning. You can’t beat that when there’s a sick kid in the house! At each appointment, parents will receive a full write-up of “what to expect” at the corresponding age group of their child. Although amazing, our parents found the “Don’t Panic” packet helpful and informative. The doctors support parent intuition, all the nurses are kind and friendly, and parents rave about the in-house lactation consultant.

Dr. Lori Smith, Dr. Alicia Soto, and Dr. Nicole Abramowitz at Bay Street Pediatrics {Westport}

The practice is organized, the facilities are clean and kid-friendly, and the care is personalized! A doctor is on call around the clock, and they have been known to meet patients at the office many times after hours. The portal they offer saves time when printing out forms for school and camp is needed. You can also send messages to the staff through the portal rather than calling, and they are answered promptly. 

Whether you’re a first-time parent or are looking for a new practice, finding a doctor to care for your child can be nerve-wracking. While we hope this list is helpful, always take the time to interview a couple of pediatricians first to make sure you connect about values and views. Ask all the questions you need to and see your overall feel of the practice. After all, the health of our children is our number one priority! 

Who is your favorite pediatrician or practice in the area?


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