Happy First Birthday, My Rainbow Baby


Happy First Birthday, My Rainbow Baby,

Before your sweet smile brightened my soul, you were a wish and a dream. You were exactly what my heart needed. Before you, it felt broken. Before you, it was sad. Before you, it was guarded and scared. But you, my Rainbow Baby, you were my hope. You were my light.

And then you were here, perfect as could be. Your beautiful cry gave me permission to relax my shoulders and take in that big breath of fresh air. As our eyes locked, my walls came down so I could let you in. You were love. So much love.

photo credit: Jennifer Lynn Photography

This past year has come and gone too fast. I knew it would, but here we are. I’ve cherished these months and tried to soak them in. Rainbow Baby, you have taught me to slow down again. You have reminded me of the beauty. And there have been times when I have watched you sleep or witnessed you experiencing the amazing world around you for the first time, and I wonder how I got so lucky.

And I also wonder about your brother or sister that didn’t get to make it. They didn’t get a chance at their journey. And that’s bittersweet because I also know that if they were here, you probably wouldn’t be. Would you have somehow found a way into our lives? I don’t know. I want to think so.

But what I do know is your soul was meant to touch mine. What I do know is you fit so perfectly into our family as if you were always part of it.  

Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for brightening my days. Thank you for choosing me to be your mama.

Happy First Birthday, my beautiful, gorgeous Rainbow Baby. You are so wanted and so loved.

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Alisa Fulvio
Alisa is a psychotherapist, life coach and mom of three. Alisa is a native of Fairfield County and lives with her husband (a New York transplant), daughter (October 2012) and two sons (January 2015, June 2018). Following the birth of her second child, Alisa left her full-time job and pursued her dream of starting her own private practice by founding Balanced Being Counseling, LLC and Balanced Being Coaching, LLC (abalancedbeing.com) located in downtown Fairfield. Alisa specializes in working with young women and moms to decrease stress and manage feelings of anxiety and depression. She is trained in treating perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and is an active committee member of Postpartum Support International- CT Chapter serving as the Communications Chair. Alisa is the creator the Facebook Group, Balanced Mama, a non-judgmental space for moms to feel inspired, gain support and come together among the chaos. She is passionate about motherhood, supporting women, buffalo chicken and a good margarita.


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